1 04, 2021

2 Home Design Trends to Consider for Your Flip, According to Etsy Foot Traffic

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If you're keeping an eye open for what's new in home design trends this year check out these patterns spotted by Etsy, as reported by Apartment Therapy—a home and décor site. Travertine Is a Thing Etsy user searches for "travertine items" increased by over 200 percent, the e-commerce company said late this month. Shoppers were particularly interested in tables that included this classic stone. Apartment Therapy’s theory for the reason for the spike is the increased popularity of warm minimalism, a decorating style that began to trend last fall and is rooted in creating calm and soothing interior spaces using earthy

27 03, 2021

Thinking of Adding a Sunroom to Your Flip? 3 Things You Should Know

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Sunrooms are bonus spaces that can appeal to potential buyers and help raise the value of your flip. These glass-enclosed living areas, which are typically attached behind homes, can be used for relaxation and entertainment and can connect your homebuyer to the outdoors while protecting them from the elements. Your buyer can have a front-row seat to all of the seasons from within the comfort of their home and enjoy the beaming sun of summer, the flutter of gold, red, and burgundy fall leaves, the beauty of freshly fallen snow, and the reemergence of flowers and greenery in the spring. If

22 03, 2021

Instantly Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets With This One Thing

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You’ve heard the real estate adage: Kitchens and baths sell houses. When it comes to renovating the kitchen in your flip you want to invest money in areas that have the greatest impact on the quality and look of your kitchen, and give you the highest return on your investment. Countertops, appliances, and cabinets are the culinary trifecta. Your cabinets help narrate the design story of your flip—whether they be a classic Shaker style, or something more ornate. You may choose to double stack your cabinets to the ceiling, or stick to a standard height. Sometimes, though, there isn’t enough

27 02, 2021

What Qualifies as a Legal Bedroom Addition to Your Flip

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Along with kitchens and baths, bedrooms are important selling features in a home, and increasing the number of bedrooms in your flip can raise its value and make it more appealing to homebuyers. So if you’ve got the space and the budget, adding a bedroom can be a win-win situation. But not just any added space can be marketed as a bedroom. Your addition must meet certain criteria to be considered legal. You should make sure your room fits the bill before listing your property to avoid issues that will hold up a sale when you find a buyer. Although

22 02, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Having a Heated Driveway

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Although the prospect of snow in southeastern states is less likely than in some other parts of the U.S., the southeast does experience a notable degree of winter weather. In fact, in December a nor’easter dropped ice across at least four cities in North Carolina. To spare your potential homeowner the hassle of having to sprinkle rock salt to melt ice and snow on their driveway, or having to scatter messy kitty litter for traction on slick surfaces, consider a radiant heating system for your driveway. Before investing in a radiant heating system for your flip, though, it’s best to

22 01, 2021

New House Flippers: Don’t Be Tempted With These 3 Quick Fixes

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As a house flipper, you want to present buyers with the best product possible, so if you find potential issues during your renovation you should thoroughly investigate them, and not simply perform superficial, quick fixes. Here are three quick fixes to avoid, and how to properly check for underlying issues. Painting over a ceiling stain. If you have a stain on a ceiling in your flip your first inclination might be to paint over what appears to be a simple cosmetic issue. While you may cover the ceiling with a fresh coat of paint, you could be covering up a

11 01, 2021

3 Things That Can Ruin the Functionality of Your Kitchen

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When it comes to renovating and redesigning the kitchen in your flip keep in mind that the space should be as functional as it is beautiful. Be aware of these three things that can ruin the functionality of the heart of the home. Empty Space Above Your Cabinets To give your kitchen a visual sense of openness, especially if it’s on the small side, you may be considering leaving space between your upper cabinets and the ceiling. There’s a downside to doing this, however, because you won’t be making use of potential storage in a kitchen that’s already tight on

22 12, 2020

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Peel-and-Stick Flooring

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As you know, installing floors during a flip renovation can be a time consuming and expensive process—whether they’re hardwoods, natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic planks. Peel-and-stick flooring can be a relatively quick, inexpensive, and easy alternative for areas inside your property, since the planks—or tiles—are applied over the subfloor much like wallpaper, but thicker of course. Peel-and-stick flooring, also referred to as vinyl plank flooring, comes in a variety of styles and patterns. But before you invest in it here are some things you should know. The Cost of Installation You may be able to install peel-and-stick flooring yourself, but

16 08, 2020

3 Classic Cabinet Colors to Consider for Your Flip

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High-quality construction and design with mass buyer appeal are always the goals when flipping a house. You want your designs to stand the test of time, especially in kitchens and baths. So consider these classic colors for the cabinets in your next kitchen. Greige Simply judging by the sound of the word “greige,” if you were thinking that it’s a mix of grey and beige you would be right. This pigment has proven itself to be a hit with buyers, according to Zillow. The real estate company says that home exteriors painted in this color combo fetch an average of

27 06, 2020

5 Ways to Dress Up a Boring Concrete Slab

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You can impress potential buyers of your flip house with a stunning interior design, but if a plain concrete slab and a few rows of sod are all you offer in the backyard you’ll be undermining what might otherwise be an enticing home. Show house hunters how much of a destination your backyard can really be. Here are five ways to dress up a scanty slab. Stain or Stamp Your Slab A quick and pretty inexpensive way to warm up the look of a cold slab is to stain it. Use a combination of earth tones, or other colors that

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