3 Things That Can Ruin the Functionality of Your Kitchen

3 Things That Can Ruin the Functionality of Your Kitchen

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3 Things That Can Ruin the Functionality of Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovating and redesigning the kitchen in your flip keep in mind that the space should be as functional as it is beautiful. Be aware of these three things that can ruin the functionality of the heart of the home.

Empty Space Above Your Cabinets

To give your kitchen a visual sense of openness, especially if it’s on the small side, you may be considering leaving space between your upper cabinets and the ceiling. There’s a downside to doing this, however, because you won’t be making use of potential storage in a kitchen that’s already tight on space. Also, these open spaces are magnets for dust and grease, which can be hard to clean.

Consider installing double-stacked cabinets that reach the ceiling to give your potential buyers more storage.

If you’re interested in a non-stacked design simply for economy—and visual space isn’t a concern—you might consider installing a soffit to help fill the empty space between the cabinets and ceiling to prevent the collection of dust and grime.

Poor Placement of Electrical Outlets

You obviously design the kitchens in your flips with outlets that accommodate large appliances, but when it comes to smaller items like toasters, coffee makers, and blenders, are you strategic about the placement of their outlets? Homeowners can be left with cluttered countertops if they have to squeeze small appliances into one area for access to outlets, so be sure that your outlets are well distributed.

A Lack of Task Lighting

Plainly put: When you’re working in the kitchen you’ve got to be able to see what you’re doing, so task lighting is key—like a recessed light over the sink and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate counters. Include multiple sources of light throughout the kitchen to ensure it’s fully functional for your future homeowner.

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