2 06, 2023

5 Reasons You May Want to Invest in a Single-Family Home This Year

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As a real estate investor, you're always looking for the next profitable opportunity. What if that opportunity lies in single-family homes? Here's why investing in a single-family home this year might be your best bet. 5 Reasons You May Want to Invest in a Single-Family Home This Year In this guide, we'll explore: Attractive Cash Flow Potential High Demand in the Rental Market Lower Maintenance and Management Costs Stability and Appreciation Flexibility for Various Investment Strategies Here's a closer look at each. Related: Asbestos in house-flipping Attractive Cash Flow Potential Single-family homes can offer an attractive cash flow, especially if

26 08, 2022

7 Essential Upgrades You Should Make When You Flip a House

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There are many things to consider when flipping a house. But if you want to make the most money possible, it's important to focus on the essential upgrades. Here are seven of the most important. 7 Essential Upgrades You Should Make When You Flip a House Check out these seven important upgrades you should consider making when you flip a house: Paint the walls a neutral color Install new flooring throughout the house Update the kitchen cabinets and countertops Replace the bathroom fixtures and tiles Add a new coat of paint to the exterior of the house Landscape the yard

16 02, 2022

The Pros and Cons of a Partial Roof Replacement

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Let's face it: A flip that lacks cosmetic appeal isn't likely to get much attention from homebuyers. Although making sure that your property has visual interest is a must, issues that affect the functionality of your flip are equally as important and must receive thorough attention, and not be given a quick fix to pass inspection, or to appear to be intact. Performing the appropriate and necessary repairs and replacements can mean a high-quality flip, and less headaches down the road for a potential buyer. When it comes to addressing issues with the shingled roof on your flip consider these

11 02, 2022

3 Reasons to Replace the Roof on Your Flip

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A properly-installed roof that's in good condition is critical to the structural integrity of your flip. But if your roof needs work, in what instances should you patch it or replace it altogether? Consider these three reasons to replace your asphalt shingle roof. You Have Detached Sections of Shingles If you find shingles in your yard, or entire sections of shingles sliding from your roof, it's time for your roof to be replaced. This kind of damage indicates that the roof wasn’t installed using the proper techniques. When replacing your roof you should also verify that there is proper ventilation in the attic

27 01, 2022

3 Renovation Mistakes That Decrease a Home’s Value

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You want your flip house to be as impressive as possible to potential homebuyers. You want to pull out all of the stops—within budget, of course. However there are certain missteps in a renovation that can lessen the value of your home. Here are three to avoid. Letting Your Personal Tastes Dominate the Design  While you may have a good eye for creating cohesive designs among countertops, tile, flooring and paint in your flip, be careful not to venture from mass appeal to over-personalization. Emerald green cabinets with gold hardware may be a beautiful and dramatic look for a kitchen,

22 01, 2022

3 MORE Design Decisions That Could Make Your Flip Harder to Clean for Buyers

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When it comes to design decisions inside of your flip you aim for selections that have mass appeal and staying power, while staying within your budget. It's important too, though, to consider the maintenance and upkeep that may be required of potential homebuyers. Certain choices, although they may be of high quality, could make your flip more difficult to maintain and keep clean. Below are some of those selections. An Oversized Island Kitchen islands are places to perform lots of tasks and activities, like food prep, dish washing, and dining, so you may opt to install an island that's extra-wide to

16 01, 2022

4 More Window Styles to Consider When Replacing Windows in Your Flip

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You want to give potential homebuyers the best product possible: a renovated home that’s well done. So you'd never try to cut corners by keeping drafty old windows in your flip. When replacing windows that have seen better days consider these four styles. Single and Double-Hung Windows  Single and double-hung windows are, by far, two of the most popular and commonly-used window styles among new and existing homes. Both styles may appear to be identical, with rectangular-shaped windows that have two large sections, one above the other, and each section having multiple grid lines (which may also be referred to

11 01, 2022

Replacing Windows in Your Flip? 2 Styles to Know

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Not only do windows open up interior spaces to natural light and air, they are focal points to frame views to the outdoors. There are many different styles of windows, and a vast majority of the time they jive with the architectural style of a home, or at least they should. While windows are aesthetically pleasing on both the exterior and interior of your flip, they're also an important consideration for potential buyers when it comes to energy efficiency. Heat gain and heat loss through windows account for between 25 percent and 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use, according to the

6 08, 2021

2 MORE Important Tips to Consider Before Buying Your First Flip

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Although flipping houses may be something you’ve always aspired to do, before you dive in headfirst consider these two crucial tips we’ve highlighted from a recent article in House Beautiful magazine. Weigh community amenities before choosing your flip.  Look for positives about a community that can make your potential flip house appealing to buyers. Does the neighborhood have walking paths and parks? Do residents have walkable access to transportation like bike share, or bus or train routes? Are restaurants or other amenities near? What about the school district where your flip is located? Does it have a good reputation? Also,

6 04, 2021

Countdown: Top 10 U.S. Cities Building the Most Homes for Buyers – Part 1

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Currently, the number of listings for available homes is about half of what it was last year when inventory was already low, according to realtor.com. Increasing housing demand and ever-decreasing inventory continue to lead to bidding wars and rising prices in many states across the country. In mid-January Fannie Mae’s chief economist Doug Duncan said homebuilders would have to ramp up supply because houses were continuing to fly off the shelves. “The new home sales numbers had a big jump in 2020,” he said, “and there will be more growth in 2021, but they’re [homebuilders] going to have to rebuild

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