26 01, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Cash-on-Cash Return in Real Estate

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When it comes to investing in real estate, understanding your cash-on-cash return is key. Knowing what your cash-on-cash return means for you and how to calculate it can help you make the best investment decisions and maximize your profits. But not so fast: Cash-on-cash return isn't necessarily the best method to use for decision-making. There are other metrics you can (and should) use while deciding whether a property is a good investment. Cash-on-cash return is just a small glimpse at the type of return you may get. What Is Cash-On-Cash Return? Cash-on-cash return is a measure of the return you

22 01, 2022

3 MORE Design Decisions That Could Make Your Flip Harder to Clean for Buyers

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When it comes to design decisions inside of your flip you aim for selections that have mass appeal and staying power, while staying within your budget. It's important too, though, to consider the maintenance and upkeep that may be required of potential homebuyers. Certain choices, although they may be of high quality, could make your flip more difficult to maintain and keep clean. Below are some of those selections. An Oversized Island Kitchen islands are places to perform lots of tasks and activities, like food prep, dish washing, and dining, so you may opt to install an island that's extra-wide to

1 04, 2021

2 Home Design Trends to Consider for Your Flip, According to Etsy Foot Traffic

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If you're keeping an eye open for what's new in home design trends this year check out these patterns spotted by Etsy, as reported by Apartment Therapy—a home and décor site. Travertine Is a Thing Etsy user searches for "travertine items" increased by over 200 percent, the e-commerce company said late this month. Shoppers were particularly interested in tables that included this classic stone. Apartment Therapy’s theory for the reason for the spike is the increased popularity of warm minimalism, a decorating style that began to trend last fall and is rooted in creating calm and soothing interior spaces using earthy

22 03, 2021

Instantly Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets With This One Thing

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You’ve heard the real estate adage: Kitchens and baths sell houses. When it comes to renovating the kitchen in your flip you want to invest money in areas that have the greatest impact on the quality and look of your kitchen, and give you the highest return on your investment. Countertops, appliances, and cabinets are the culinary trifecta. Your cabinets help narrate the design story of your flip—whether they be a classic Shaker style, or something more ornate. You may choose to double stack your cabinets to the ceiling, or stick to a standard height. Sometimes, though, there isn’t enough

16 12, 2020

5 Interior Design Elements You Need for Modern Farmhouse Style

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If you want to give the interior of your flip some modern farmhouse style consider these design options. Not every element needs to be incorporated, but these will definitely evoke the modern farmhouse feel. Sliding Barn Doors Sliding barn doors are wildly popular in today’s modern farmhouse interior designs and can be great space savers for rooms that have small footprints where doors that swing open present a challenge. Barn doors can be constructed using wood panels like driftwood, pine, and reclaimed woods, which can be left in their natural state for a pastoral look. For a more modern appearance

11 11, 2020

3 Design Features That Make Any Bathroom Look Larger

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Kitchens and baths sell houses—you know this firsthand from your experience as a house flipper. However, if the bathroom in your current project is somewhat on the smallish side consider incorporating these design features to make it appear larger without having to increase its footprint. Floating Vanities In a small bathroom it can sometimes be a challenge to give buyers an ample amount of storage and at the same time keep the space looking as roomy as possible. A floating vanity can strike the perfect balance. It can provide plenty of space to store toiletries and other essentials while keeping

1 11, 2020

3 Design Tricks That Make a Bathroom Look Cleaner

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On your next flip give potential buyers a bathroom that’s not only beautiful, but one that’s designed to make dirt less visible—which can mean less scrubbing, less often. Consider these design tricks to deliver just that. Large Floor Tiles Consider using larger tiles on the floor and in the shower. Bigger tiles means less tiles needed to cover surfaces, which translates to fewer grout lines between tiles. This is a good thing because when grout becomes stained and aged it can make a clean bathroom appear less so. So reducing grout lines on your floor and in your shower can

1 09, 2020

3 Home Design Trends Emerging During the Pandemic

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Over the past few months the pandemic has not only altered the way people live within their communities, but how they live within their homes. Here are a few changes you might want to pay special attention to for your upcoming flips—changes that may have a lasting impact on what buyers expect in a potential new home. Enhanced Outdoor Dining Dining al fresco is not a new concept—countless homeowners have always enjoyed a good meal out in the fresh air. But an increasing number of people want to do more than simply carry a plate of food out to the

27 08, 2020

Are Accent Walls Risky?

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The accent wall—a single wall that’s painted in a hue that contrasts with other walls in a room—is an ideal way to add a pop of color to a space in your flip without committing every wall to a particular pigment. A majority of remodeling experts agree that the accent wall will be the most popular painting style inside of homes for sale this year, according to a recent poll by home improvement website Fixr. This painting method garnered 41 percent of the votes of experts, while other styles like two-tone walls, patterned walls, murals, and walls with faux painting

11 08, 2020

HGTV Flipping Star Christina Anstead’s Design Do’s

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HGTV design doyenne Christina Anstead, star of the network’s hit shows “Christina on the Coast” and “Flip or Flop,” knows more than a thing or two about high-end interior design. Realtor.com recently highlighted some of the flipping pro’s expert design concepts. We break them down for you here. In the Kitchen: White Cabinets, White Counters, and a Color Backsplash Sure—white cabinets, white counters, and a white backsplash can make your kitchen appear larger, but with a white-on-white-on-white color scheme you can run the risk of making your kitchen look sterile and washed-out. So, in your pursuit of a classic white

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