2 Home Design Trends to Consider for Your Flip According to Etsy Foot Traffic

2 Home Design Trends to Consider for Your Flip, According to Etsy Foot Traffic

If you’re keeping an eye open for what’s new in home design trends this year check out these patterns spotted by Etsy, as reported by Apartment Therapy—a home and décor site.

Travertine Is a Thing

Etsy user searches for “travertine items” increased by over 200 percent, the e-commerce company said late this month. Shoppers were particularly interested in tables that included this classic stoneApartment Therapy’s theory for the reason for the spike is the increased popularity of warm minimalism, a decorating style that began to trend last fall and is rooted in creating calm and soothing interior spaces using earthy neutrals and natural tones like ochre, cream, terra cotta, and moss. Travertine is ideal for this design aesthetic since it comes in a variety of earth tones, like tan, beige, grey, off-white, rust, and brown.

Travertine is a high-end finish that can be a great selling feature in your flip. It has a surface that’s more subtle in appearance than granite or marble. In fact, Apartment Therapy calls it the “new marble.” If you’re interested in using travertine on the floors of your flip, you should take into account that the stone is very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse—its natural finish can conceal scratches, chips, and cracks well. Over time travertine develops a patina, which can give your floors distinct character.

The Bath as a Sanctuary

The increased desire to come home to a residence that has a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, as mentioned earlier, is a movement that’s here to stay. The bath is at the epicenter of that trend. Creating a spa-like vibe in the bath of your flip can be key to a sale, since consumers are looking to pamper themselves. This can mean things like upgraded finishes, soaking tubs and separate showers, rainfall showerheads, and other x-factor amenities. Etsy users looked for specific bath items with which to pamper themselves, as evidenced by user searches for items like “eucalyptus shower bundles” soaring over 7,000 percent (The third zero was not a mistake). Shoppers’ inquiries into “bath caddies” rose over 200 percent, and user foot traffic for “waffle towels” saw an increase of 120 percent.

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