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25 04, 2019
  • 3 Qualities to Look for in a House You Want to Flip

3 Qualities to Look for in a House You Want to Flip

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Finding the right house to flip can often be a challenging process, and there are many factors you will want to consider. Despite all of the effort that will be required during the house hunting and flipping process, all of your hard work will likely pay off in the end. This can be an incredibly profitable venture as well as a very creative and rewarding process. The following information will provide a closer look at three important qualities you should look for in a house you want to flip: Consider the Location Choosing the best location when finding a house

12 04, 2019
  • 3 Organization Apps Every House-Flipper Needs

3 Organization Apps Every House-Flipper Needs

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If you're flipping houses, these are the must-have organization apps that will help you streamline your processes. Dropbox Sharing pictures and files between companies and individuals could not be easier and more professional than through Dropbox. Sharing and saving progress photos into organized folders is much more professional and orderly than rummaging through old text message threads, and professionals from many businesses use this as their main workhorse for sharing data. All photos, text, audio and other media are instantly shared with added users once dropped into Dropbox. It’s a really cool app that makes perfect sense for flippers. Dropbox

5 12, 2018

How Much Effort Should You Put Into A Bathroom When House Flipping?

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House flipping is all about fixing and reselling a house fast. So, the idea of a complete bathroom remodel is daunting. Should you do it? You may assume that a full bathroom remodel will sell the house faster, but realtors report that it's not usually the case. Assuming the bathroom is functional, what efforts really result in a return on the investment when it comes to bathrooms? Remember, when flipping houses, time is also an important factor! The truth is that relatively inexpensive changes to bathrooms are usually enough to help sell that property and bring a return on your

23 11, 2016

The Hidden Costs of Flipping a House

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If you’re like most people flipping a home, you’re probably seeing dollar signs. You’ve most likely purchased a house at a great price and are thinking of the after repair value. With quick turnaround times on flipped homes, it’s easy to forget about a few things. The Hidden Costs of Flipping a House in Atlanta While the costs of repairs are usually at the forefront of your expenditures, you’ll want to be sure that all the hidden costs you may incur are calculated before estimating a profit. Commissions Most real estate investors plan to fix and flip more than one