3 Classic Cabinet Colors to Consider for Your Flip

3 Classic Cabinet Colors to Consider for Your Flip

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3 Classic Cabinet Colors to Consider for Your Flip

High-quality construction and design with mass buyer appeal are always the goals when flipping a house. You want your designs to stand the test of time, especially in kitchens and baths. So consider these classic colors for the cabinets in your next kitchen.


Simply judging by the sound of the word “greige,” if you were thinking that it’s a mix of grey and beige you would be right. This pigment has proven itself to be a hit with buyers, according to Zillow. The real estate company says that home exteriors painted in this color combo fetch an average of nearly $3,500 more than those painted tan or brown. Although you may not paint your home this color it can be a great move for your kitchen cabinets. Many interior designers say a cool neutral like greige can be an ideal shade to complement many elements inside your kitchen.


White cabinets are a tried-and-true classic that appeals to the masses. White can make your kitchen appear larger, and more open and airy. But remember to create contrast somewhere in your design. Perhaps a pop of color in your backsplash, or a contrasting stone countertop that introduces other pigments.

A Deep Blue

Your brows have probably raised curiously toward your forehead. Blue? Only neutrals appeal to the majority of buyers. For the most part, you’re right. But there are many homebuyers who enjoy color in the kitchen. If you want to try vibrant color on your cabinets a pigment that can still keep things classy—timeless even—is a bold hue like a deep blue. Navy is a classic that won’t let you down. If you want to consider another deep pigment emerald green can be a stately, elegant choice. With either color, brushed brass accents for cabinet and faucet hardware, as well as pendant lighting, can be the perfect trifecta.

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