26 08, 2022

7 Essential Upgrades You Should Make When You Flip a House

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There are many things to consider when flipping a house. But if you want to make the most money possible, it's important to focus on the essential upgrades. Here are seven of the most important. 7 Essential Upgrades You Should Make When You Flip a House Check out these seven important upgrades you should consider making when you flip a house: Paint the walls a neutral color Install new flooring throughout the house Update the kitchen cabinets and countertops Replace the bathroom fixtures and tiles Add a new coat of paint to the exterior of the house Landscape the yard

27 03, 2021

Thinking of Adding a Sunroom to Your Flip? 3 Things You Should Know

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Sunrooms are bonus spaces that can appeal to potential buyers and help raise the value of your flip. These glass-enclosed living areas, which are typically attached behind homes, can be used for relaxation and entertainment and can connect your homebuyer to the outdoors while protecting them from the elements. Your buyer can have a front-row seat to all of the seasons from within the comfort of their home and enjoy the beaming sun of summer, the flutter of gold, red, and burgundy fall leaves, the beauty of freshly fallen snow, and the reemergence of flowers and greenery in the spring. If

16 03, 2021

2 MORE Homeowners Association Rules You Should Know

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When you’re flipping a house it’s hard to prepare for the unknown, but what you can prepare for are the rules and regulations of your community’s homeowners association (HOA). Your HOA’s ordinances are intended to help the community maintain a neat and consistent appearance. But let’s face it: they can present issues that impact your home design and the overall finished product. Educating yourself about the HOA rules in your community before you start working on your flip can help you avoid delays and frustration once work is in progress. If there are aspects of your flip that aren’t in

11 03, 2021

More Homeowners Association Rules You Need to Know

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A quality renovation can produce a high-end product that brings in a hefty profit. But let’s be real: flipping a house isn’t easy—it can be full of risks and unknowns. Will you uncover termite damage beneath the floor boards? Do the soffits in the kitchen above the cabinets contain ductwork, or are they simply filling the gap between the cabinets and the ceiling? Is the pool in good condition, or will it need to be resurfaced? Although flips can come with many unknowns what you can prepare for are the rules and regulations of your community’s homeowners association (HOA). While

6 03, 2021

Homeowners Association Noise Ordinances: What You Should Know

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Flipping a house is a challenging endeavor that can be full of unknowns and questions. Will there be hardwoods beneath the grungy shag carpet? Is the wall between the kitchen and the living room load-bearing? Will you uncover water damage when you gut the kitchen or bath? Should you lay sod, or is there time to seed the landscape and get a lush lawn before you put your home on the market? Aside from questions like these there may be other unexpected issues that could impact the success of your project. Although you can’t foresee every challenge you can educate

27 09, 2020

3 Inexpensive Ways to Trick-Out Your Flip

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Flipping a house can be an expensive undertaking. But every improvement to your property doesn’t have to cost a lot to impresses buyers. Consider these three ways to trick-out your flip and win the hearts of buyers without spending a ton of cash. Spruce-Up Your Stairs If you want to customize the wooden stairs inside of your flip painting on a runner can do just the trick. You can give your future homeowner the look of carpeted steps without all of the worrisome maintenance. When choosing a design consider establishing a theme throughout your home. For instance, if your kitchen

27 08, 2020

Are Accent Walls Risky?

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The accent wall—a single wall that’s painted in a hue that contrasts with other walls in a room—is an ideal way to add a pop of color to a space in your flip without committing every wall to a particular pigment. A majority of remodeling experts agree that the accent wall will be the most popular painting style inside of homes for sale this year, according to a recent poll by home improvement website Fixr. This painting method garnered 41 percent of the votes of experts, while other styles like two-tone walls, patterned walls, murals, and walls with faux painting

22 07, 2020

Go-To Home Upgrades From Flipping Expert Tarek El Moussa

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Southern California flipping pro Tarek El Moussa performs flip upgrades that fetch a pretty penny for his properties. In his HGTV show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa,” the property pundit shows amateur flippers the ropes and the house upgrades that really pay off. A recent article by Realtor.com highlights El Moussa’s go-to upgrade designs. Here, we explore them in more detail. Dark Tile Drama Keeping your designs light, airy and neutral is a common mantra when it comes to house flipping. After all, you want the aesthetics of your property to appeal to as many house hunters as possible,

11 07, 2020

Flipping Pro Tarek El Moussa’s Go-To Upgrades That Add Major Home Value

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Realtor.com recently composed a list of flip upgrades that consistently pay off for Southern California flipping pro Tarek El Moussa—design upgrades that he teaches his protégés on his HGTV show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.” Here, we break down that list for you. Super-Spacious Showers It’s no secret that kitchens and baths sell houses and El Moussa encourages his students to go big or go home when it comes to the size of showers in master baths. So if you have to remove a wall, or steal space from a closet—or other area—in order to expand your shower, it’s

22 06, 2020

These 2020 Paint Color Trends Will Attract Home Buyers

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The home improvement website Fixr annually polls remodeling experts about the latest home trends. This year the organization asked experts about the paint colors they feel will trend this year. Here’s what they found. Most Popular Interior Paint Colors: Cool Neutrals Cool neutrals, which include shades like light gray, taupe, and white, won the day for most popular interior paint colors with 57 percent of remodeling experts choosing them over warm neutrals, jewel tones, and pastels. Cool neutrals are perfect for making spaces appear larger and more open, and they have universal appeal. Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors: White and

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