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7 05, 2018

Houses With Solar Panels Sell For Up To 40% More Than Predicted

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If you're in the house-flipping business, you should know that people are willing to pay a lot more for a house with solar panels. Actually, first-time home buyers pay up to 40 percent more than predicted for entry-level homes with solar panels. Most of this stems from millennials yearning for greener amenities. They know that solar panels will save money in the long run. They find it advantageous not to have to have them installed. If they're ready to go when they move in, their energy bills go down right away. In sunny states, many homeowners can even sell off

19 01, 2016

4 Quick Fixes to Improve Curb Appeal

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  As a real estate investor, you probably already understand the importance of curb appeal. A property that looks great from the outside will nearly always sell faster than one that doesn't; the same principle applies if you're trying to rent out an investment property. The neater and cleaner it looks on the outside, the more likely you are to find a tenant quickly. The good news is that you can boost your investment property's curb appeal in just one day -- and you can do it without spending a fortune. Quick Pick-Me-Ups for Curb Appeal Power-wash the exterior of