5 Common Mistakes REIs Make With Signs

Signs are a terrific way to advertise a property you have for sale. At the same time, don’t fall victim to these common mistakes!

Breaking the Law – depending what county you live in, it may be illegal to post signs for your property. In some counties, you can only post them on specific days (for example, on weekends). The last thing you want is to spend all of your time placing your signs, only to be fined and have them removed.
Your sign is too small – simply put, a person cannot read what they cannot see. You should always opt in for the largest signs possible. This will especially make it easier for people to read as they drive by.
Neglecting the phone number – the phone number is the most important part of the sign. Without it, nobody would be able to get ahold of you! Don’t neglect it by placing it in the corner or in too small of a font (your phone number should be as large as the rest of your message, if not bigger).
Bad sign placement –be sure not to put your sign in areas of low traffic or visibility. Ideally, traffic lights and stop signs are a good idea. People will be stationary in these areas and probably looking around.
Too many signs – oversaturation is a problem. It can annoy the drivers for one, and can also make you seem less personable. You can learn a lot more by strategically placing your signs at least a half a mile apart, and pay close attention to where your calls are coming from so that you know where to concentrate your advertising efforts.

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    Hiring a Top Producer Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Investment Property

Hiring a Top Producer Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Investment Property

As an investor, you know how important it is to have a team of professionals by your side.

But how, exactly, do you find a Realtor® who understands how to sell investment properties and who can market aggressively to get yours sold?
How to Interview Top Producer Real Estate Agents
Let’s face it: Top producers aren’t sitting around waiting for you to call and interview them. They’re also not likely to chase your business.

They’re top producers for a reason, and that means if you want to work with them, you’ll have to make some time to conduct some interviews.

Here’s what you ask:

What’s your average list-price-to-sales-price ratio? Every market is different, so take that into consideration (some of the suburbs of Atlanta are prime examples of this). A good agent will have a record of negotiating sales prices that are close to list prices, though.
What can you do to put this house in front of the right buyers? You’ll need to know about how they’ll market, where and how often they advertise, and how they attract buyers online.
Can I see your references? (You can skip this one if the agent has several online reviews, which you can sift through to get the information you need.)
Do you offer a guarantee? Find out whether there’s something you can do if you’re not happy with the way things are working out, and determine what the agent’s company’s policy is about cancelling agreements.

Do You Need Hard Money for an Investment Property in Atlanta?
If you’re looking for a hard money loan in Atlanta, we may be able to help you.

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What Do Millennials Want in a Home?

If you’re investing in real estate, you know you need to have what buyers want. But millennial homebuyers want different things than older homebuyers do – and your market research will tell you who’s more likely to be looking for a home in the neighborhood you’re investing in.

So what do millennials want in a home? Because we’re a hard money lender in Atlanta, we have a unique perspective… and in-depth knowledge of what younger buyers want.
What Millennials Want in a Home
First things first: millennials want a turn-key home that doesn’t require much work, according to Bankrate.

Like most other buyers, millennials love updated bathrooms and kitchens. Remember, too, that they want energy efficiency and appliances they aren’t going to need to replace within the next couple of years.

Millennials are likely to know that kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive spaces to update, so they’ll appreciate your efforts in these two areas when they make an offer on the home. Just be sure that you’re working with the best contractors in Atlanta and that you know about the best kitchen and bath showrooms in Atlanta, too.

Open floor plans are really popular among millennials, too. If you can make the home appear larger by opening up the space, it may be worth your investment when it’s time to sell.
Do You Need Hard Money in Atlanta?
Call us at 404-814-1644 or contact us online to find out whether you might qualify for this type of funding. In the meantime, check to ensure that you meet our loan criteria. Our loan amounts can be up to 65 percent of the after-repaired value of the collateral—and if you use the loan for renovation or construction, the loan amount can be based on the […]

Why You NEED a Buyers List

If you’re a real estate investor, you already know that you need to have buyers for the properties you’re working with—otherwise, you’re not going to make any money (and isn’t that the point of investing?).

You know, too, that you need the ability to purchase properties quickly at the right price.

So how do you do those things together so that you’re consistently making money and turning over your investments?
Creating a Buyers List
Every REI needs a quality buyers list. It’s a list of REIs who typically want to buy properties to rent to tenants, but you can make it even more broad and include local Realtors® who are always on the prowl for properties for their own clients.


Because the people on this list are actively looking for what you have to sell.

There’s no way around it: you will need to market and promote a property if you want to sell it quickly and at the right price.

With a buyers list, you’ll have the best target audience possible.
How to Create a Buyers List
Naturally, your networking comes into play when you’re building a buyers list. You’ll need to record the names, phone numbers and emails of new contacts in a spreadsheet (but don’t worry—once you’re over the initial hump of including everyone you already know, it becomes much easier to keep up with).

Having this buyers list, which is essentially a pool of people who want what you have to sell, is worth quite a bit… and like anything that’s worth something, you’ll have to work for it. The payoff can be tremendous, though, so it’s well worth the effort.
Do You Need a Hard Money Loan in Atlanta?
If you’re looking for a hard money loan in Atlanta, we may […]

Cheap Finishes Can KILL Your Sale

We’ve talked before about having a great plan before you jump into any real estate transaction—and part of that plan is knowing the true costs of rehabbing a house.

Unfortunately, some real estate investors misjudge their investments and end up skimping on the finishing touches on a house… but in most cases, it’s those finishing touches that “seal the deal” with buyers.
Cheap Finishes Can Kill Your Sale
The bottom line is that skimping on finishes is a mistake. When you misjudge your budget or you decide to cut corners by choosing cheap finishes, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Fixtures and finishes are a big deal to buyers, and they can make the entire house look more modern, livable and attractive—and they want quality. If you decide to wrap up your flip by installing cheap finishes, your house is going to be that much tougher to sell (and that’s an REI’s nightmare).
What Sells When it Comes to Finishes?
It’s always a good idea to gather inspiration for finishes before you jump in and make an investment (and this is definitely one area where a little investment can go a long way). Check out Houzz and HGTV to see what’s trending—usually, you can duplicate what you see for less. That way, you’re making buyers happy and saving on your budget at the same time.

Finishes aren’t the only things that sell a home, though.

“Use lighting to highlight special features—pendant lights to show off that kitchen island or sconces to illuminate a foyer. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is affordable and makes countertops sparkle, says Bill Millholland executive vice president of Case Design & Remodeling in an interview with Melissa Dittmann Tracey for RealtorMag. “Fluorescent light strips tend to be more […]

3 Tips for Selling a Property Quickly

There is a lot more to flipping houses than a quick renovation. As an REI, you already know that you need to be ready to spend some real time and effort researching and marketing your property well before it’s time to list it… but what can you do to help ensure that it moves quickly and doesn’t hold you up from finding your next great deal?
Price Your Property Competitively
The price is the first thing a homebuyer notices, so before you list your property, make sure your Realtor® has given you a CMA. Now is the best time to rely on your Realtor’s guidance – he or she knows the market and what your investment property is up against, so you can rest easy knowing that your agent will help you price it properly. (Your Realtor doesn’t want the property to sit on the market any longer than it needs to, either!)
Stage the Property
Staging is essential. You want potential buyers to envision their sofa, their bed and all their other belongings in the space, which means you need to make it neutral but inviting at the same time. Again, your Realtor will give you guidance on the proper way to stage an empty home… so follow his or her guidance.
Help Your Realtor Market the Property
Your Realtor will handle the heavy-duty marketing for your property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Share the listing on your own social media accounts, put up flyers or put the word out by telling everyone you know… long before you’re even finished with the renovations.
Are You an Investor Who Needs a Hard Money Loan in Atlanta?
If you’re an investor who needs a hard money loan in or around Atlanta, we […]

4 Common Mistakes REIs Make With Signage

Every REI knows that signage is essential when a property is for sale, but what are Georgia’s rules and regulations when it comes to real estate advertising, and what works best to bring results?
4 Common Mistakes REIs Make With Signs

Breaking the law. Each county has its own regulations, but none trump state law on signage. In some cases, it may be illegal to post signs for your property. In some counties, you can only post them on specific days (for example, on weekends). The last thing you want is to spend time and money on signs only to have them removed… or worse, be fined.
Creating signs too small. A person cannot read what they cannot see. While your signs don’t need to be obnoxiously large, they do need to be big enough for passersby to read.
Failing to rely on a Realtor® for guidance. Most realtors will tell you exactly what you need to know about signage; in fact, it’s typically your realtors job to ensure the property is advertised in accordance with regulations, laws and best practices.
Poor color choices. Experts suggest that you use at least two colors other than white on your for sale signs in order to make the strongest impact. Try not to use the color red by itself; it sends a subliminal message that people should stay away. If you can, match your real estate signs to your company colors to ensure brand consistency.

Make sure you also write an amazing ad to sell your investment property. Again, this is typically your Realtor’s job – but if, for some reason, you are working with an agent, you’ll need to cover all the bases yourself.
Do You Need a Hard Money Loan in […]

How to Write an Amazing Ad to Sell Your Investment Property


If you’re like many REIs who don’t work with Realtors(R), one of the biggest challenges in selling your investment properties is coming up with all the right words to describe what you know is a great deal.

Where do you even begin?
How to Write an Amazing Ad to Sell Your Investment Property
While there are many benefits to working with a talented Realtor (including the fact that your agent will write the ads for your property), some REIs choose to FSBO their investments.

If you’re one of them, here’s what you need to know about creating the perfect mix of powerful words that compel action.
Know Your Powerful Words
Great writing evokes emotion in your readers, and that’s exactly what you want to do if you’re selling an investment property. Try using powerful words like:


Words to Avoid
Some words can actually hurt your chances of snagging buyers, including:


Structuring Your Ad
It’s always best to structure your ads with must-have information at the top. (Statistics show that, particularly online, you have between 3 and 5 seconds to grab a reader’s attention.)

Start with something powerful – think about something like this:
Massive 4-bedroom home with stunning views, a private backyard and amazing energy efficiency!
It’s worth noting that in most real estate writing, you should go easy on the exclamation points. Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, “Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.” (That’s the equivalent to “liking” your own Facebook status, if we’re looking at it in modern terms.) However, one or two well-placed exclamation points can drum up excitement in your readers.
Are You Looking for Financing to Buy an Investment Property?
If you’re an investor who needs a hard money loan in or around […]


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