Instantly Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets with This One Thing

Instantly Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets With This One Thing

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You’ve heard the real estate adage: Kitchens and baths sell houses. When it comes to renovating the kitchen in your flip you want to invest money in areas that have the greatest impact on the quality and look of your kitchen, and give you the highest return on your investment.

Countertops, appliances, and cabinets are the culinary trifecta. Your cabinets help narrate the design story of your flipwhether they be a classic Shaker style, or something more ornate. You may choose to double stack your cabinets to the ceiling, or stick to a standard height.

Sometimes, though, there isn’t enough money in your renovation budget to purchase new cabinets, or even new cabinet fronts.

While you can sand and paint the existing cabinets and swap out door hardware for a style that’s more upscale, which can have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen and save you money, there’s one easy and inexpensive cabinet upgrade you may be forgettingand it’s sure to be a hit with buyers. The addition of soft-close hinges. Consider all of their benefits.

Benefits of Soft-Close Hinges

Your cabinets will have high-end functionality and a customized feel.

Soft-close hinges can be added to your existing cabinets, so you don’t have to purchase new prefabricated or custom-built cabinets to get soft-close capability.

Soft-close hinges can extend the life of your cabinets by keeping the doors from slamming into the frameswhich helps the doors stay better aligned, and prevent dents, stress fractures, and chipping.

There are many inexpensive soft-close hinge products available on the market, and they can be easily installed using just screws and a drill.

You can install soft-close hinges on cabinets throughout your entire flip—in bathrooms, the laundry room, on cabinets that house media, as well as on built-ins.

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