10 10, 2023

7 Things Investors Should Add to Flips to Make Them Irresistible to Buyers

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In the competitive world of real estate investing, making a property stand out to potential buyers is key to a successful flip. As an investor, you know that the right upgrades and features can make a property irresistible. But what are those specific additions that can transform a regular flip into a must-have home? That's what this guide is all about. 7 Things Investors Should Add to Flips to Make Them Irresistible to Buyers This guide explains the following: High-Quality Kitchen Upgrades Modern Bathroom Renovations Smart Home Technology Energy-Efficient Appliances Outdoor Living Spaces Curb Appeal Enhancements Flexible Living Spaces Here's

6 02, 2022

ADUs Can Increase a Home’s Value by 35 Percent

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Not only can an ADU, a.k.a. garage apartment, in-law suite, and granny flat, make your flip property more appealing to potential buyers, it can greatly increase its value. Homes with an ADU are listed an average of 35 percent higher than residences without one, says home improvement website Porch.com. An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is separate from the main home on a property and is located on the same lot. It can also be located within the main home, as long as it functions as a separate unit. Homeowners with ADUs can house aging family members, or earn extra income by renting out their

27 01, 2022

3 Renovation Mistakes That Decrease a Home’s Value

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You want your flip house to be as impressive as possible to potential homebuyers. You want to pull out all of the stops—within budget, of course. However there are certain missteps in a renovation that can lessen the value of your home. Here are three to avoid. Letting Your Personal Tastes Dominate the Design  While you may have a good eye for creating cohesive designs among countertops, tile, flooring and paint in your flip, be careful not to venture from mass appeal to over-personalization. Emerald green cabinets with gold hardware may be a beautiful and dramatic look for a kitchen,

16 01, 2022

4 More Window Styles to Consider When Replacing Windows in Your Flip

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You want to give potential homebuyers the best product possible: a renovated home that’s well done. So you'd never try to cut corners by keeping drafty old windows in your flip. When replacing windows that have seen better days consider these four styles. Single and Double-Hung Windows  Single and double-hung windows are, by far, two of the most popular and commonly-used window styles among new and existing homes. Both styles may appear to be identical, with rectangular-shaped windows that have two large sections, one above the other, and each section having multiple grid lines (which may also be referred to

22 11, 2021

What Do Home Additions Cost?

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This isn't your first flip, but it is the first time you've thought about adding some square footage to your house, which is a little on the cozy side. As you weigh your options consider the typical costs of horizontal and vertical home additions, which we’ve highlighted below, to see how expanding your home may impact your budget. (Be aware that labor and supply expenses can vary by region). Expanding the Footprint  If you want to expand your flip horizontally (expand its footprint) it can be cheaper than building vertically. It'll cost you between $150 and $200 per square foot, on

16 11, 2021

Got a Big Kitchen in Your Flip? Should You Install Double Islands?

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The kitchen is the heart and hub of a home, so you want the one in your flip to be as functional, welcoming, and stylish as possible. Kitchens with two islands are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Here are three that may make you rethink your kitchen design, and leave you seeing double. Create Separate Meal Prep and Dining Spaces  In some kitchens with a traditional or old-world design an island is a large, movable marble-topped table situated in the center of the space. In most modern kitchen designs, however, islands are a marriage between meal prep and bar top

22 07, 2021

3 More Things to Consider Before Replacing the Garage Door of Your Flip

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The garage door of your flip house has seen better days—several dents, dings, and scratches ago. It works well, but replacing it for aesthetics is a must before you go to put it on the market. Consider these three things, though, before you swap it out for a new one. Climate  If your flip is located in a part of the country that frequently receives hurricane-force winds, your new garage door must satisfy wind-load reinforcement requirements in order to prevent accidents. These requirements can be specific to each state, so you should refer to your local codes to make sure

16 07, 2021

3 Things to Consider Before Replacing the Garage Door of Your Flip

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Most people replace their garage door because they don’t like the way it looks, or because it no longer works, or perhaps because they want to install an automatic door opener. As a house flipper, your reasons may be all of the above. Whatever your reason, consider these three things before you replace the garage door of your flip. It can bring a good return on investment According to Remodeling magazine, replacing your garage door can fetch a substantial return on investment—to the tune of almost 94 percent. It can also help improve the resale value of your property. A

22 06, 2021

2 More Ways to Make Your Roof a Selling Point

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Random homebuyer: “The house was beautiful, but I really fell in love with the shingles!”  While you may never hear that sentence uttered by a homebuyer, the condition of a home’s roof is still a key consideration in a sale, and it can make or break a deal. Consider these two ways to help make the roof of your flip a selling point, according to HomeLight. Advertise your new roof. Even though it's currently a seller's market, your flip is still competing with other homes in your area. Anything you can do to make your property stand apart from the

16 06, 2021

5 Benefits of a Steel Entry Door for Your Flip

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Entry doors can help convey the personality of your flip and give buyers an idea of what’s to come inside. Whether your door has a traditional panel front with sidelights, or a more contemporary design, it is a key component of curb appeal.  If the wood front door of your flip needs to be replaced, think about swapping it out for a steel door. Here are five benefits to consider. Security A steel door can offer a higher level of security over many wooden doors, and due to a typical construction of 24-gauge steel, its thickness and weight make it

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