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17 08, 2017

3 DIY Improvements You Can Make to Help Sell Your Flip Faster

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Although the real estate boom of the 2000s is long gone, there are still high-quality investments you can make, including fixing and flipping houses. However, you must be smart about your flip and pick the right home improvements that ensure you receive full asking price. Here are three DIY improvements to help your flip your house. Faucets Replacing old and dated faucets goes a long way in increasing the value of your flip. Installing a faucet is quick and easy, and if your flip has a modern appeal, try to install faucets with a refined yet sleek look. Flooring Installing

11 08, 2017

Smart Ideas for Fixtures in Your Flipped House

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When you're flipping a house, you need to pick great fixtures that buyers will love. Not all fixtures will appeal to everyone, but if you study your market before you dive in with both feet, you'll know exactly what to do to make the most of your investment. So where do you start? 1. Adjustable Kitchen People of varying heights and mobility can now adjust the kitchen to their preferences. Modern technology makes it possible to change the height of kitchen counters and adapt the room to the customer's liking. This is helpful for people in wheelchairs, children and others who are

7 04, 2017

5 Kitchen Design Trends REIs Need to Know About in 2017

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As a real estate investor, you already know that a great kitchen can sell a house—so what makes a great kitchen? Check out 2017’s five hottest kitchen design trends to find out. 2017 Kitchen Design Trend #1: Grays, Not Whites Gray is “in” right now, especially with millennials hitting the market as first-time buyers. Combined with rich, stained wood, it’s warm and inviting—exactly what new buyers want. 2017 Kitchen Design Trend #2: Hydraulic Cabinet Doors Hydraulic kitchen cabinet doors are space-age space-savers, and it turns out they’re just what homebuyers want in 2017. With the push of a button, the