What Qualifies As a Legal Bedroom Addition to Your Flip

What Qualifies as a Legal Bedroom Addition to Your Flip

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What Qualifies As a Legal Bedroom Addition to Your Flip

Along with kitchens and baths, bedrooms are important selling features in a home, and increasing the number of bedrooms in your flip can raise its value and make it more appealing to homebuyers. So if you’ve got the space and the budget, adding a bedroom can be a win-win situation.

But not just any added space can be marketed as a bedroom. Your addition must meet certain criteria to be considered legal. You should make sure your room fits the bill before listing your property to avoid issues that will hold up a sale when you find a buyer. Although laws may vary from state to state, here are six requirements for a legal bedroom, according to the experts at realtor.com.

Minimum Square Footage

Your bedroom addition should be at least 70 to 80 square feet.

Minimum Horizontal Footage

The bedroom must measure a minimum of 7 feet in any horizontal direction, because a buyer will need to fit a bed, dresser, or other pieces, into the space.

Minimum Ceiling Height

At least one half of your bedroom ceiling must be a minimum of 7 feet tall. For example, you can put a bed in a loft area where part of the ceiling is less than 7-feet tall if the other portion of the space meets the 7-foot standard.

Must Have Two Exits

Your bedroom addition must have at least two ways out, which are traditionally a door and a window. However, a sky light can also qualify as an exit.

Minimum Window Size

The minimum size of a bedroom window is typically 5.7 square feet.

Heating and Cooling

Your bedroom is required to have a source of heat, and a space heater doesn’t count. You also need a way to cool the room, which could be through air conditioning or by simply opening a window.


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