1 03, 2021

2 Things You May Not Know About Bedroom Additions

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If you’re thinking about adding a bedroom to your flip you may be aware of certain requirements that must be met for it to be considered a legal bedroom, like minimums for square footage, ceiling height, and egress. But here are two things you should also know if you plan to increase the number of bedrooms in your flip. Your bedroom addition doesn’t require a closet Contrary to what many people may think, in most states you don’t actually have to have a closet in your bedroom addition for it to be considered legal. Of course you wouldn’t want to

27 02, 2021

What Qualifies as a Legal Bedroom Addition to Your Flip

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Along with kitchens and baths, bedrooms are important selling features in a home, and increasing the number of bedrooms in your flip can raise its value and make it more appealing to homebuyers. So if you’ve got the space and the budget, adding a bedroom can be a win-win situation. But not just any added space can be marketed as a bedroom. Your addition must meet certain criteria to be considered legal. You should make sure your room fits the bill before listing your property to avoid issues that will hold up a sale when you find a buyer. Although

11 07, 2020

Flipping Pro Tarek El Moussa’s Go-To Upgrades That Add Major Home Value

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Realtor.com recently composed a list of flip upgrades that consistently pay off for Southern California flipping pro Tarek El Moussa—design upgrades that he teaches his protégés on his HGTV show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.” Here, we break down that list for you. Super-Spacious Showers It’s no secret that kitchens and baths sell houses and El Moussa encourages his students to go big or go home when it comes to the size of showers in master baths. So if you have to remove a wall, or steal space from a closet—or other area—in order to expand your shower, it’s

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