New House Flippers Dont Be Tempted with These 3 Quick Fixes

New House Flippers: Don’t Be Tempted With These 3 Quick Fixes

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New House Flippers Dont Be Tempted with These 3 Quick Fixes

As a house flipper, you want to present buyers with the best product possible, so if you find potential issues during your renovation you should thoroughly investigate them, and not simply perform superficial, quick fixes. Here are three quick fixes to avoid, and how to properly check for underlying issues.

Painting over a ceiling stain.

If you have a stain on a ceiling in your flip your first inclination might be to paint over what appears to be a simple cosmetic issue. While you may cover the ceiling with a fresh coat of paint, you could be covering up a larger problem like a water leak. So avoid the temptation to only perform a cosmetic fix without investigation. Instead, check to see if you have an active leak first.

Using a space heater to warm a cool room.

If there is a cool room or area inside your property, don’t simply try to compensate for it with a space heater. If you have a forced-air furnace check to verify that its filter, blower fan, ducts, and grills are all clean, since debris can clog things up. If your flip has radiators or baseboard units make sure they are clean and unblocked.

Also, if the cooler area inside your flip is located over an unconditioned garage then your room might be poorly insulated, which will make it more difficult to keep warm or cool.

Using a dehumidifier and air fresheners.

Using a dehumidifier and air fresheners in your space can be a red flag for buyers and home inspectors that you’re trying to hide a damp room with a bad smell. Homebuyers may suspect an issue with mold or mildew.

If you’ve got a damp room in your flip the moisture is usually coming from outdoors. Instead of only addressing symptoms of the problem get to the root of it. Focus your efforts on finding out why moisture is coming in and how to stop it, rather than just how to deal with it once it’s inside.

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