5 Ways to Dress Up a Boring Concrete Slab

5 Ways to Dress Up a Boring Concrete Slab

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5 Ways to Dress Up a Boring Concrete Slab

You can impress potential buyers of your flip house with a stunning interior design, but if a plain concrete slab and a few rows of sod are all you offer in the backyard you’ll be undermining what might otherwise be an enticing home. Show house hunters how much of a destination your backyard can really be. Here are five ways to dress up a scanty slab.

Stain or Stamp Your Slab

A quick and pretty inexpensive way to warm up the look of a cold slab is to stain it. Use a combination of earth tones, or other colors that complement the design of your home. You can also stamp the slab to imitate stone pavers in an assortment of patterns.

Add Furniture

Home shoppers need to see how they will be able to lounge, relax, and take advantage of any views your property has to offer. So create an outdoor living room with a sofa, chairs, and a few throw pillows. Anchor the seating area with a weather-resistant outdoor rug, which will also help cover up the concrete and create a homier atmosphere. Add a coffee table or end tables for drinks.

Create a Focal Point

If your property doesn’t come with a great view you can create a focal point of your own by installing a fire pit. During virtual open houses and tours you can impress buyers with dancing flames. They will appreciate that your living area can still be a destination on chilly nights.

Add Greenery

An effective and relatively inexpensive way to de-emphasize a bare slab is to use greenery. Well-placed tropical plants, potted plants, and flowers can help create an atmosphere that feels indulgent and lush.

Add a Pergola

On hot and humid days a pergola can give your potential homebuyers some much-needed shade. Not only can it be a refuge from the heat, but it can be used to string clear lights to add some sparkle and ambiance to nighttime soirees.

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