These 2020 Paint Color Trends Will Attract Home Buyers

These 2020 Paint Color Trends Will Attract Home Buyers

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These 2020 Paint Color Trends Will Attract Home Buyers

The home improvement website Fixr annually polls remodeling experts about the latest home trends. This year the organization asked experts about the paint colors they feel will trend this year. Here’s what they found.

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors: Cool Neutrals

Cool neutrals, which include shades like light gray, taupe, and white, won the day for most popular interior paint colors with 57 percent of remodeling experts choosing them over warm neutrals, jewel tones, and pastels. Cool neutrals are perfect for making spaces appear larger and more open, and they have universal appeal.

Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors: White and Gray

The title of most popular exterior paint colors, which remodeling experts recommend for people who plan to sell their homes this year, went to white and gray. Both tied for the top spot with each garnering 52 percent of the vote among respondents—who were given the option of choosing more than one answer. Cream and dark green were a distant second and third, earning 18 percent and 9 percent of the vote, respectively. Seventy-seven percent of experts said the architecture of a home was the most important factor when choosing its exterior color.

Most Popular Painting Style: The Accent Wall

This year remodeling experts expect that the accent wall will be the most popular painting style inside of homes for sale. This painting method won 41 percent of the vote, while other styles like two-tone walls, murals, patterned walls, and walls with faux painting techniques, divided the remainder of the vote—no one style reached the 30 percent mark, however.

The accent wall, which is a single wall painted in a hue that contrasts with the rest of a room, is an ideal way to add wall color without making a full commitment to a particular pigment.

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