26 01, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Cash-on-Cash Return in Real Estate

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When it comes to investing in real estate, understanding your cash-on-cash return is key. Knowing what your cash-on-cash return means for you and how to calculate it can help you make the best investment decisions and maximize your profits. But not so fast: Cash-on-cash return isn't necessarily the best method to use for decision-making. There are other metrics you can (and should) use while deciding whether a property is a good investment. Cash-on-cash return is just a small glimpse at the type of return you may get. What Is Cash-On-Cash Return? Cash-on-cash return is a measure of the return you

10 11, 2022

3 Creative Ways to Come Up With a Down Payment for an Investment Property

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Though the most common way to come up with a down payment for an investment property - particularly for first-time real estate investors - is to scrimp and save until you have enough to take out a hard money loan, that's not always feasible. In fact, waiting until you have enough money saved up can seriously delay your investing plans. Fortunately, there are a few ways you may be able to get creative to come up with a down payment for an investment property, which this guide explains. 3 Creative Ways to Come Up With a Down Payment for an

2 11, 2022

How to Make a Small Bathroom More Attractive to Prospective Buyers

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When you're selling a flip that has a "cozy" bathroom, you may be worried about it being a turn-off to prospective buyers. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make a small bathroom appear larger (and more useful), thereby making it more appealing to prospective buyers. This guide explains. How to Make a Small Bathroom More Attractive to Prospective Buyers Check out these five tips to make a small bathroom more attractive to prospective buyers: Let there be light Use a big mirror Put up some neutral art Add built-in shelving Keep the

26 10, 2022

7 Essential Curb Appeal Tips to Help You Sell a Flip

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When you're selling a home that you've worked hard to flip, you need to make a good impression on buyers. Check out these seven essential curb appeal tips that'll help you do just that. 7 Essential Curb Appeal Tips to Help You Sell Your Flip These seven essential curb appeal tips can create a great first impression with prospective buyers: Roll out a welcome mat Mind the landscaping Install window boxes Get a new mailbox Update the exterior light fixtures Consider adding landscape lighting Create an inviting seating area on the porch Here's a closer look at each. Curb Appeal

26 08, 2022

7 Essential Upgrades You Should Make When You Flip a House

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There are many things to consider when flipping a house. But if you want to make the most money possible, it's important to focus on the essential upgrades. Here are seven of the most important. 7 Essential Upgrades You Should Make When You Flip a House Check out these seven important upgrades you should consider making when you flip a house: Paint the walls a neutral color Install new flooring throughout the house Update the kitchen cabinets and countertops Replace the bathroom fixtures and tiles Add a new coat of paint to the exterior of the house Landscape the yard

11 09, 2021

3 Tips for Planting Trees on Your Flip Property

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It’s time to come up with a landscape design for your flip house. You don’t want to spend a ton of cash, so you’ve got to be strategic about what you plant, where you plant it, and how you plant it to get the most bang for your buck, and—of course—to impress buyers. Since trees can be an expensive investment you want to do things right. Consider these three tips for planting trees that we’ve summarized for you below from Better Homes & Gardens. Location, Location, Location When planting a large species avoid positioning it too closely to your house

6 09, 2020

How Do I Remove Oil Stains From My Driveway?

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Motor oil stains on your driveway. They’re inevitable. If a car is leaking oil and needs repair, or if there’s a spill while the oil is being changed, a driveway will eventually accumulate these all-too-familiar splotches. If left unaddressed these unsightly blemishes can kill your curb appeal when you put your flip on the market. Some flipping pros estimate that you’d have to spend up to $10,000 to jackhammer and replace your heavily-stained driveway, or shell-out a pretty penny to have it resurfaced. Luckily you don’t have to take either of those budget-busting routes to remedy this problem. Here’s a

16 07, 2020

Tips on How to Care for Your New Sod Lawn

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When it comes to cultivating the lawn of your flip you can use grass seed, which is a long-term approach to a green lawn, or you can lay sod for instant lush. Sod doesn’t come cheap, so you want to make sure your investment lasts. Follow these tips to properly nurture your sod and impress potential buyers with a green landscape. Watering In order for your new sod lawn to develop strong roots it will require a good amount of attention. It needs to be watered every day, twice a day—for about 20 minutes each time—for at least the first

1 07, 2020

What Causes Nail Pops and How Do You Fix Them?

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Nail pops occur when nail heads pop through the surface of sheetrock walls and create bumps or cracks. Here’s why they happen and how you can fix them if they pop up during your renovation. What Causes Nail Pops? One main cause of nail pops is the movement of wood framing. Over time lumber moves and changes shape ever so slightly as its moisture content fluctuates. During this process the dimensions of the wood—its length, width, and depth—shrink and expand at different rates. This movement causes nails to back out of the drywall and pop through the surface. There are

27 11, 2019

4 Best Trees to Plant for Great Curb Appeal

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Draw buyers into your next flip with trees that can add lasting beauty to any landscape design. Consider these four options to anchor your lawn. Crepe Myrtle For warmer climates (zones 7 to 9) the crepe myrtle can be ideal. Not only does this tree add instant color to a front yard, but it blooms during the hottest days of summer and is super drought tolerant. Since the crepe myrtle can reach over 15 feet tall and wide you should plant it far away enough from the house to prevent issues as it matures. Blue Spruce If you're looking to

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