Flipping Pro Tarek El Moussas Go to Upgrades That Add Major Home Value

Flipping Pro Tarek El Moussa’s Go-To Upgrades That Add Major Home Value

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Flipping Pro Tarek El Moussas Go to Upgrades That Add Major Home Value

Realtor.com recently composed a list of flip upgrades that consistently pay off for Southern California flipping pro Tarek El Moussa—design upgrades that he teaches his protégés on his HGTV show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.” Here, we break down that list for you.

Super-Spacious Showers

It’s no secret that kitchens and baths sell houses and El Moussa encourages his students to go big or go home when it comes to the size of showers in master baths. So if you have to remove a wall, or steal space from a closet—or other area—in order to expand your shower, it’s worth it.

Bold Bath Tiles

Bold design is one of El Moussa’s trademarks. In the bathroom he uses tiled soap niches and floors to introduce coordinated eye-catching patterns. In a bath with otherwise muted colors and clean lines, tiles with a bold pattern can make a real splash.

Tiled Peninsulas

When it comes to kitchen design the master renovator is known to tile a peninsula so that it coordinates with a backsplash for an unexpected and cohesive look that will capture the gaze of potential buyers. In a kitchen design where tile is the star, this concept will allow yours to shine.

Backyards as Clean Canvases

Rather than pouring money into specific features in the backyard of your flip, since buyers may not particularly want them, give house hunters a blank slate so they can imagine themselves living in the space and be able to tailor it to fit their personal tastes. El Moussa advises to keep things simple. New sod and mulch will do the trick.

Stunning Stairways

El Moussa makes stairway statements in his two-story flips by swapping out outdated banisters and rails with modern black designs, and replacing carpet on stairs with elegant hardwoods that are consistent with flooring throughout the house.

Open Floorplans

Buyers prefer open floorplans, and after you’ve invested time and money into your flip you don’t want to get feedback that rooms feel closed off from the rest of the house. So if you’ve got to remove a wall to increase openness and lines of sight it’ll be well worth the expense, and could make the difference between selling and sitting on the market.

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