3 Inexpensive Ways to Trick out Your Flip

3 Inexpensive Ways to Trick-Out Your Flip

3 Inexpensive Ways to Trick out Your Flip

Flipping a house can be an expensive undertaking. But every improvement to your property doesn’t have to cost a lot to impresses buyers. Consider these three ways to trick-out your flip and win the hearts of buyers without spending a ton of cash.

Spruce-Up Your Stairs

If you want to customize the wooden stairs inside of your flip painting on a runner can do just the trick. You can give your future homeowner the look of carpeted steps without all of the worrisome maintenance. When choosing a design consider establishing a theme throughout your home. For instance, if your kitchen backsplash is installed in a chevron or herringbone pattern think about repeating a subtle version of that design on the runner. Make sure you take time to thoroughly tape and prep the steps so the lines of your paint job look crisp.

Switch-Out Your Switch Plates

This is a detail that buyers will appreciate, especially if your reno attempts to stay true to a particular era. But your home doesn’t have to be historic for you to pay extra attention to your switch plates. Try installing stainless steel plates in your modern kitchen to coordinate with the appliances. Homebuyers will know that if you’ve taken the time to consider small touches like this you’ve paid special attention to detail throughout their potential new home.

Do a Cabinet Facelift

You don’t necessarily have to remove and replace the cabinets in your kitchen to transform the space—if they’re in great condition you can put your focus on the façades. Consider sanding and painting the cabinets for a fresh new look. Outfit them with all new hardware and continue your hardware finish throughout the kitchen with the installation of coordinating faucet hardware, pendant lighting, and accessories.

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