Go to Home Upgrades from Flipping Expert Tarek El Moussa

Go-To Home Upgrades From Flipping Expert Tarek El Moussa

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Go to Home Upgrades from Flipping Expert Tarek El Moussa

Southern California flipping pro Tarek El Moussa performs flip upgrades that fetch a pretty penny for his properties. In his HGTV show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa,” the property pundit shows amateur flippers the ropes and the house upgrades that really pay off. A recent article by Realtor.com highlights El Moussa’s go-to upgrade designs. Here, we explore them in more detail.

Dark Tile Drama

Keeping your designs light, airy and neutral is a common mantra when it comes to house flipping. After all, you want the aesthetics of your property to appeal to as many house hunters as possible, and being committed to an overly specific look might alienate some buyers.

But there are exceptions to every rule. When going for super-high-end luxurious looks, El Moussa swings for the fences with dark bathroom tile designs—and he consistently hits homeruns. Black tile in a shower and on a bathroom floor that contrasts against a white freestanding tub, vanity and toilet can create instant drama, and an ultra-high-end look and spa-like feel that resonates with buyers.

Winning Wallpaper

El Moussa encourages flippers to include wallpaper in their designs. A stylish pattern used as an accent in a bedroom, living room, or even a bath can immediately elevate the look of your space.

Hot Fireplace Designs

Since fireplaces are often focal points in a room, you should always make them stand out. El Moussa likes to dress his in tile with bold patterns that say “all eyes on me,” yet seamlessly complement the surrounding design.

For super high drama, El Moussa wraps fireplaces with marble slabs and carries the slabs all the way to the ceiling. In a neutral living room of greys and whites, a fireplace clad in Carrara marble slabs—with grey veins that stretch across the stone—is a showstopper.

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