Have You Considered Heated Driveways for Your Flip

Have You Considered Heated Driveways for Your Flip?

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Have You Considered Heated Driveways for Your Flip

Although many of your projects may be located in southeastern parts of the country, where the prospect of snow is less likely than in other areas, states in that region do see snow.

In North Carolina, for instance, the capital city of Raleigh averages 7.5 inches of snow a year, Charlotte gets about 6.5 inches each winter, and the northwestern town of Boone averages about 35 inches of snow annually.

Those figures don’t account for extreme weather. Just last year in mid-December a nor’easter threatened states from North Carolina to Maine, dropping ice in many parts of the Tar Heel State—with a majority of it accumulating in Saluda, North Carolina in the southwest. Cities including Hickory, Sheffield, and Lenoir also saw notable ice accumulation.

Who wants the inconvenience of having to sprinkle concrete- and asphalt-eroding salt, or kitty litter, or having to shovel snow when you can have a radiant heating system that melts wintry weather?

Heated driveways and sidewalks can be a cool selling feature, especially for homebuyers who aren’t physically able to maneuver, or ones who simply don’t want to be bothered with the outdoor exertion that’s often required to combat wintry conditions. This amenity can also help keep your potential buyers, as well as pedestrians, safe.

In commercial environments like restaurant sidewalks and mall parking lots radiant heat in outdoor slabs has been in practice for quite some time. In residential settings, however, it has become a more recent trend.

A radiant heating system is installed just below the surface of a driveway. When deciding whether or not to install one you should evaluate your circumstances and budget. If the driveway of your flip has only cosmetic issues like oil stains or other blemishes it may not be cost-effective to install radiant heating since you could pay as much as $10,000 to jackhammer and replace a perfectly good driveway that simply needs to be cleaned. However, if your driveway is heavily cracked and in poor condition it may be a great opportunity to install radiant heating since you would need to replace the driveway anyway.

If you’ve got the money in your budget you may decide to install a heating system no matter the condition of the driveway.

Residential builders, especially those in northern parts of the country, are beginning to include heated driveways as a standard amenity in newly-built homes.

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