2 10, 2023

What to Look for in a Reputable Hard Money Lending Company

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In the world of real estate investing, having the right financial support is essential. As a real estate investor, you'll find that hard money lending companies can offer quick, flexible financing for your projects. But choosing the right lender can make or break your investment. How do you know what to look for in a reputable hard money lending company? This guide is here to help. What to Look for in a Reputable Hard Money Lending Company This guide explains the following: Transparency and Honesty Experience and Expertise Speed and Efficiency Flexible Terms and Conditions Solid Reputation and Reviews Here's

26 01, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Cash-on-Cash Return in Real Estate

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When it comes to investing in real estate, understanding your cash-on-cash return is key. Knowing what your cash-on-cash return means for you and how to calculate it can help you make the best investment decisions and maximize your profits. But not so fast: Cash-on-cash return isn't necessarily the best method to use for decision-making. There are other metrics you can (and should) use while deciding whether a property is a good investment. Cash-on-cash return is just a small glimpse at the type of return you may get. What Is Cash-On-Cash Return? Cash-on-cash return is a measure of the return you

22 11, 2020

Does the Next House You Sell Need a “Zoom Room”?

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Working from home has changed a lot about the real estate market – most notably, what buyers are looking for in new homes. That’s where the “Zoom room” comes in. Does the Next House You Sell Need a Zoom Room? You may have already seen the phrase Zoom room in real estate listings – and if you haven’t, you likely soon will. A Zoom room is a space where people can attend videoconferences with a nice backdrop and few distractions. You don’t have to make it an entire space; even a cozy corner marketed that way could help when you’re

22 10, 2020

2 Real Estate Rumors About Iconic Buildings: True or False?

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You might be a student of house flipping and real estate, or even a seasoned pro, but just like most industries there may be certain tales you’ve heard—stories that sound a little farfetched, but intriguing nonetheless. In a list published this month by The Close, a website dedicated to providing insights to real estate agents and brokerages, some curious real estate rumors are discussed. Are they true, or false? Here are a couple.   True or false: There's a secret apartment atop the Eiffel Tower.   A room with a view?   Rumor has it that the designer and builder of

16 10, 2020

3 Intriguing Real Estate Rumors That Are Really True

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Whether you consider yourself to be a student of house flipping and real estate, or a seasoned pro, there may be certain industry tales you’ve heard. In a list published this month by The Close, a website designed to give real estate agents and brokerages strategic insights from industry professionals, some intriguing real estate rumors are discussed…ones you might be surprised to learn are actually true. Here are a few. Mark Zuckerberg bought four homes right next to his. From a financial perspective this doesn’t sound implausible at all—Mark Zuckerberg probably has enough cash to buy-up entire blocks of his

22 09, 2020

How Low Inventory Could Affect the Housing Market This Fall

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Buyers are actively hunting for and purchasing homes to take advantage of the current historically-low mortgage interest rates. Problem is, there aren’t enough houses for sale to meet the increasing demand. It’s a good place to be if you plan to list your flip this fall. According to Keeping Current Matters, a resource that provides housing market insights to real estate agents, Chief Economist Sam Khater of Freddie Mac said a late-summer economic slump was the impetus for such low rates: “Mortgage rates have hit another record low due to a late summer slowdown in the economic recovery…These low rates have

27 05, 2019

What Kind Of Kitchen Flooring Should You Purchase?

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If you're trying to decide what kind of flooring to use in your kitchen, you will need to consider what you want out of it. Are you hoping to increase the property value over the value of a typical kitchen? Are you hoping to find something durable for a rental unit? Do you need something installed fast? Let's discuss the options. First of all, you won't want to put carpet in virtually any kitchen. Buyers won't be impressed. Renters will yuck it up in a hurry. If you just need something inexpensive and fast, you might choose sheet vinyl. Say

23 05, 2019

Bigger Pockets Suggests Hard Money Lenders As Great Source Of Funding For House Flippers Starting Out

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Bigger Pockets is a huge online resource that helps ordinary people build wealth through real estate. It's an incredibly popular resource because of it's free tools and information. Bigger Pockets recently suggested that hard money lenders like Paces Funding, is a great source of funding for home flippers for investors who know they can flip a home quickly. Check out what the article said. Here's an excerpt. "This source of OPM can be especially useful if the house you are flipping can be completed in a very short period of time. Like any other kind of loan, the shorter you

20 05, 2019

Palatka, FL Seeing New Investment, Increasingly Attracting Homebuyers

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Palatka, the county seat of Putnam County is centrally located between Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach. A couple of years ago, the Washington Post reported that Palatka was a dying city. We're happy to report that Palatka seems to have cheated death and is now increasingly attracting home-buyers looking for less congestion. This new investment front might be an area our clients want to check out. The Palatka real estate market has notably increased, especially among first-time home-buyers and empty nesters looking to downsize. So, keep these demographics in mind when scouting for homes to flip. The average

15 05, 2019

‘Surge Cities’ Nashville, Jacksonville, Atlanta Among The Best Cities For Entrepreneurs

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Nashville, Jacksonville and Atlanta are among the best cities in which to start a business, according to the Winter edition of Inc. Magazine which published a list of the 50 best "surge cities." Surge cities are metros that are considered startup-friendly. In other words, these are great cities for entrepreneurs. The analysis examined high-growth company density within each city, the rate of entrepreneurship in the city, the city's population growth, the city's net business creation, the city's wage growth, job creation statistics for the city, and early-stage fundraising deals offered to entrepreneurs in the area. The analysis claims that in

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