Does the Next House You Sell Need a zoom Room

Does the Next House You Sell Need a “Zoom Room”?

Published On: November 22nd, 2020Last Updated: November 20th, 2020Categories: Business, Home Upgrades, Remodeling Tips, TipsTags: , , , , , , ,

Does the Next House You Sell Need a Zoom Room

Working from home has changed a lot about the real estate market – most notably, what buyers are looking for in new homes.

That’s where the “Zoom room” comes in.

Does the Next House You Sell Need a Zoom Room?

You may have already seen the phrase Zoom room in real estate listings – and if you haven’t, you likely soon will. A Zoom room is a space where people can attend videoconferences with a nice backdrop and few distractions. You don’t have to make it an entire space; even a cozy corner marketed that way could help when you’re ready to sell.

Where to Put a Zoom Room

A lot of flips are cozier spaces, which means there isn’t a ton of square footage left to dedicate just to online meetings. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a nook in the house that would make a great place for a laptop. It’ll be like a reading nook, and if you’re adding this kind of space, look for:

  • A nearby outlet
  • A place you can add a few shallow built-in shelves
  • Somewhere you can install a built-in desktop
  • A place that will have a strong internet connection
  • Somewhere that’s away from the bustle of a working household (so a narrow space where laundry can’t pile up and the kitchen sink is out of view)

A lot of people are using the space under the stairs, which makes a great spot that’s easy to access. You won’t have to make any structural changes, either, because the framing is already there. You can simply add shelves and matte paint for the backdrop.

Marketing a Zoom Room

You can ask your REALTOR® to include this special (and very sought-after) space in your listing, and make sure to draw attention to it during showings. Whether you prop a laptop there with a rolling chair for added effect or you leave it up to the buyer’s imagination, it’s important that people who come see the house know what that space can function as.

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