What Kind of Kitchen Flooring Should You Purchase

What Kind Of Kitchen Flooring Should You Purchase?

If you’re trying to decide what kind of flooring to use in your kitchen, you will need to consider what you want out of it. Are you hoping to increase the property value over the value of a typical kitchen? Are you hoping to find something durable for a rental unit? Do you need something installed fast? Let’s discuss the options.

First of all, you won’t want to put carpet in virtually any kitchen. Buyers won’t be impressed. Renters will yuck it up in a hurry. If you just need something inexpensive and fast, you might choose sheet vinyl. Say that you’re house flipping and your potential buyer makes an offer with a VA or USDA loan. Your flooring won’t be good enough for their inspection needs. You want to flip this fast. What do you do? Probably the fastest, cheapest, option will be sheet vinyl. It’s no one’s absolute favorite and you’re not really going to impress anyone with it either, but it will do the trick. This same sheet vinyl is probably a poor choice for your rental unit though. A tenant with an animal or even children can easily damage this. You probably replace carpet regularly, but in the long run, replacing sheet vinyl regularly won’t save you any money.

If you’re going to be renting out an apartment or home, but want to keep the costs down, you can check out luxury vinyl plank flooring. This really does withstand a lot of abuse. Unless people spill something and let it just sit there for a long time, it should last for a long time. It won’t actually increase any value though if you’re trying to up your property value through putting new flooring in your property’s kitchen.

If you have the time and money, tile is a pretty great option. It can last through multiple generations. Whether this is worth the cost to you, you will have to decide, but you really can’t beat it for durability. We don’t have to speculate how lone porcelain tile will last, we’ve seen it last generations.

If you want something that will boost the value, consider engineered hardwood flooring. It is amazing how impressed homebuyers are when they see engineered hardwood flooring. It’s unclear if they think it’s genuine hardwood that was just finished or if they understand that this blend of resins and adhesives should last as long as their mortgage payments will. It might be worth it to put in your rental unit, but if through some miracle your tenants manage to ruin part of this flooring, it’s really hard to replace just one piece.

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