22 10, 2020

2 Real Estate Rumors About Iconic Buildings: True or False?

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You might be a student of house flipping and real estate, or even a seasoned pro, but just like most industries there may be certain tales you’ve heard—stories that sound a little farfetched, but intriguing nonetheless. In a list published this month by The Close, a website dedicated to providing insights to real estate agents and brokerages, some curious real estate rumors are discussed. Are they true, or false? Here are a couple.   True or false: There's a secret apartment atop the Eiffel Tower.   A room with a view?   Rumor has it that the designer and builder of

3 06, 2019

Do You Have Different Exit Strategies For That Investment Property You’re Eyeing?

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When flipping a house, your end goal is to make a comfortable profit, but sometimes things happen that are outside of your control. You will still need to plan for these things. That sometimes means having a different exit strategy than simply selling the house for a large profit quickly. If you aren't guaranteed a profit, will you choose another route? Do you have alternate exit strategies planned? Here are some things that could happen that could affect your plans to flip a house quickly at a profit: The economy could change. Financing rules could be changed. The market could

19 05, 2019

Gen X Parents And Their Adult Millennial Children Are Bringing Back The Multigenerational Home

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After several decades without the multigenerational home, GenXers are bringing it back to the U.S.. Gen Xers are actually buying homes to share with their adult children. These days, one in six Gen Xer bought a multigenerational home. Over half of the Gen X homebuyers that bought a home specifically to accommodate a multigenerational household say that they bought the home because their adult millennial children either were never able to move out or had plans to move back home. These are the results of the 2019 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends research from the National Association of Realtors.

25 04, 2019

Suburban Landlords Can Appeal To Young Families’ Renting Needs

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Landlords with homes in suburban areas will benefit by understanding the needs and desires of the young Millenial renting families. Millennials love urban life, but often move to suburban areas when they begin growing their families. Landlords can take note of this and this demographic's needs. While staying within the bounds of the Fair Housing Act, landlords can still offer amenities that appeal to these demographics. Make sure that in your advertising you highlight amenities interesting to this group. Are there good schools nearby? What about parks? Family-friendly entertainment? Remember, just because these Millennials have moved out of the city

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