Smart Ideas for Fixtures in Your Flipped House

Smart Ideas for Fixtures in Your Flipped House

Published On: August 11th, 2017Last Updated: June 17th, 2024Categories: Hard MoneyTags: , , ,

When you’re flipping a house, you need to pick great fixtures that buyers will love. Not all fixtures will appeal to everyone, but if you study your market before you dive in with both feet, you’ll know exactly what to do to make the most of your investment.

So where do you start?

1. Adjustable Kitchen

People of varying heights and mobility can now adjust the kitchen to their preferences. Modern technology makes it possible to change the height of kitchen counters and adapt the room to the customer’s liking. This is helpful for people in wheelchairs, children and others who are sharing a home with marked height differences.

2. Smart Fridge

Samsung offers an incredible Family Hub smart fridge that does everything but cook. It even senses when food has gone off, and alerts you when you need to replace items. It also has an entertainment center and the ability to schedule the family’s calendar. You can even view the interior on your smartphone.

3. Motion Sensing Faucets

These hands-free faucets are a great way to stay clean and dry while working in the kitchen. This is a great way for people to hold and fill larger containers as well as eliminating the germs picked up by touching the handles. The motion sensor means there is less to clean up and promotes health by preventing the spread of germs.

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