5 Kitchen Design Trends Reis Need to Know About in 2017

5 Kitchen Design Trends REIs Need to Know About in 2017

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As a real estate investor, you already know that a great kitchen can sell a house—so what makes a great kitchen?

Check out 2017’s five hottest kitchen design trends to find out.

2017 Kitchen Design Trend #1: Grays, Not Whites

Gray is “in” right now, especially with millennials hitting the market as first-time buyers. Combined with rich, stained wood, it’s warm and inviting—exactly what new buyers want.

2017 Kitchen Design Trend #2: Hydraulic Cabinet Doors

Hydraulic kitchen cabinet doors are space-age space-savers, and it turns out they’re just what homebuyers want in 2017. With the push of a button, the door opens in an upward direction and leaves plenty of room in the rest of the kitchen.

2017 Kitchen Design Trend #3: Funky Sinks

Forget stainless steel and think colored enamel. A splash (pun intended) of color in a neutral kitchen makes a huge difference to buyers.

2017 Kitchen Design Trend #4: Big, Bold Fixtures

Oversized light fixtures can be pretty amazing in a kitchen, as long as they’re not clunky or obtrusive.

2017 Kitchen Design Trend #5: Ample Kitchen Storage

Don’t leave any wasted space in the kitchen; you can even turn a false drawer into a great place to stash oddly shaped kitchen utensils.

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