Increase Your Investment Propertys Value with These 3 Great Upgrades

Increase Your Investment Property’s Value With These 3 Great Upgrades

Our last two posts on improving the resale value of your investment property were both really popular, so we’re adding a final installment in the series. (You can read the first two here and here.)

3 Amazing Upgrades You Can Make to Your Investment Property

Upgrade Tip #1: Put Drawers Between Wall Studs

You don’t have to take up any space inside a room when you install drawers (quality drawers with good tracks!) between wall studs. The key, though, is making sure that the drawers are built to last.

Upgrade Tip #2: Add Pull-Out Stools to Kitchen Islands

Everyone wants to sit at a kitchen island, but really, who has the room in the kitchen for chairs (or the desire to lug chairs back and forth from another room)? Installing stools on hinges solves that issue and provides a really cool feature that buyers will find practical, too.

Upgrade Tip #3: Do Something About False Drawers

Add an outlet behind a false drawer, or turn it into a shortened, angled drawer. This works in bathrooms and kitchens, which makes it a brilliant idea to make use of otherwise wasted space.

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