3 Reasons to Replace the Roof on Your Flip

3 Reasons to Replace the Roof on Your Flip

Published On: February 11th, 2022Last Updated: February 5th, 2022Categories: Flipping, Home ImprovementsTags: , ,

A properly-installed roof that’s in good condition is critical to the structural integrity of your flip. But if your roof needs work, in what instances should you patch it or replace it altogether? Consider these three reasons to replace your asphalt shingle roof.

You Have Detached Sections of Shingles

If you find shingles in your yard, or entire sections of shingles sliding from your roof, it’s time for your roof to be replaced. This kind of damage indicates that the roof wasn’t installed using the proper techniques.

When replacing your roof you should also verify that there is proper ventilation in the attic because trapped heat and cold from inadequate ventilation can dramatically shorten the life of your new roof.

Be sure to hire a skilled roofer and verify that ventilation issues are addressed because improper roof installation and ventilation can also void the manufacturer’s warranty on your roofing materials. You don’t want to present a new homeowner with a warranty that may very likely be nullified down the road.

Your Roof Already Has Two Worn Layers

Layering a new roof over an old one can be an inexpensive option. But if your roof already has two layers of distressed shingles, adding a third layer isn’t wise because the weight of three or more layers can jeopardize the structural integrity of the house.

Your best option for a roof with two worn layers is to remove all shingles down to the roof-deck and start fresh. This will enable you to equip your new roof with a layer of ice and water shield, which can only be applied to a bare roof-deck.

Your Roof Is Damaged by Inclement Weather

Weather and storms play key roles in the amount of wear and tear a roof incurs. During the course of your flip heavy winds and debris from a storm can strip away shingles and damage your roofing material. Based on the extent of the damage, it may be best to replace your existing roof instead of performing multiple patches.