5 Hot Home Design Trends for 2017

5 Hot Home Design Trends for 2017

Published On: March 12th, 2017Last Updated: March 12th, 2017Categories: Investment Properties

The hottest trends in home design just may be what makes your investment property sell faster—and for more money—this year.

5 Hot Home Design Trends for 2017

Design Trend  #1: Built-In Bars

Last year it was the bar cart; this year it’s actual, built-in bars. Shelving for cocktail accessories, glasses, and even bottles is becoming increasingly popular.

Design Trend #2: Colored Refrigerators

If you’re selling your investment property with a fridge included, spring for a 1950s-style refrigerator in a bright, bold color.

Design Trend #3: Creative Tile Backsplashes

While square backsplashes have been a “thing” for quite a while now, this year other geometric shapes are in. You can choose a few harmonious colors or—if you’re extra bold—colors that match the colored refrigerator you’re adding.

Design Trend #4: Wall Tile in the Kitchen

Think bigger than a backsplash and tile at least one wall of the kitchen. It’s easy on the eyes… and easy to clean, which makes it a big bonus for hip homebuyers this year.

Design Trend #5: Marble, but in White or Gray

Forget the dark marble countertops of yesteryear and modernize with white or gray marble. People are even choosing it for serving platters, tabletops, and other home accessories, which is a testament to its popularity.

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