3 More Kitchen Remodeling Trends So Far This Year According to a Recent Survey

3 More Kitchen Remodeling Trends So Far This Year, According to a Recent Survey

A survey conducted this year by Houzz, an online source for advice on home interior design and construction, revealed changes in homeowners’ preferences in kitchen design.

The design choices made thus far this year by the survey’s 2,300 participants may be a bellwether for a more widespread trend among homeowners, and can inform your approach to kitchen design in your future flips. Here are a few notable trends to keep front of mind when deciding on investments in kitchen counters, cabinet styles, and even appliances.


Engineered Quartz Counters Are Tops


Ninety-one percent of homeowners in the survey said they upgraded their countertops this year, making counters the most popular feature in kitchen remodels. When it comes to their budget for countertops, 35 percent of respondents said they spent more than they had originally planned.

Engineered quartz was the top surface of choice for kitchen counters, with 42 percent of remodelers using the stone in their homes. That number dropped 9 points from last year, though, when it garnered the attention of 51 percent of homeowners. Quartzite, a natural and porous stone, rose in popularity by 2 percent so far this year.


You Can’t Shake Shaker-Style Cabinets


The Shaker-style kitchen cabinet increased in popularity by 8 points from 2021 to 2022, with 64 percent of homeowners choosing the classic cabinet style. Flat-panel cabinets were the second-most popular style, and found favor with 17 percent of home remodelers.

Well, Technically Speaking…

More than 30 percent of homeowners said that they added a new kitchen appliance that had high-tech features. Twenty-six percent chose appliances with wireless and smartphone controls, which provided functionality like controlling oven temps and cooking times from their phones, and using an app to remotely look inside of their refrigerators when they’re at the grocery store.