3 Surprising Kitchen Remodeling Trends So Far This Year

3 Surprising Kitchen Remodeling Trends So Far This Year

A survey this year of more than 2,300 U.S. homeowners revealed their current preferences in kitchen design. The study, conducted by Houzz—an online portal for professional advice on home interior design and construction, reported changes in tastes that might surprise you, and impact your approach to kitchen design in future flips. Here are a few trends of note.


Open-Layout Kitchens Lose Steam

Open-layout floor plans and kitchens are becoming less desirable among homeowners, the survey revealed. Over the past two years, after the onset of the pandemic, working from home and remote schooling under the same roof left many households wishing they had a little more privacy, and often carving out home offices wherever they could find the space.

The study showed that 46 percent of homeowners opened up their kitchens to other rooms in 2020, whereas only 38 percent preferred to open their kitchens to other rooms this year.

Many home experts have been predicting this shift since the onset of the pandemic.


Vinyl Flooring More Popular Than Ceramic, Porcelain Tile


Although hardwood floors in the kitchen were still the No.1 choice of participants in the study, with 25 percent preferring it over other materials, vinyl is quickly gaining in popularity—rising from 14 percent in 2020, to 23 percent this year.

Vinyl even surpassed ceramic and porcelain tile, with each of the clay-based flooring materials receiving a 19 percent vote of confidence. Vinyl is affordable, water-resistant, and soft underfoot, which can make it very attractive to remodelers who seek comfort, durability, and affordability.


Islands Are Growing

Almost 2 of 5 kitchen islands are more than 7 feet long, and homeowners are using the added footage to cook, bake, and even to work from home. In fact, 20 percent reported that they’re now working from their kitchen islands.

Survey participants are using the space beneath the island counter for extra storage, and 78 percent added cabinets with closed doors.