How Much Landscaping Do You Need to Do to Sell a Flip

How Much Landscaping Do You Need to Do to Sell a Flip?

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As a real estate investor, you understand the importance of every detail when it comes to selling a flip. One aspect that can easily be overlooked is landscaping. It might seem like a minor thing, but the right landscaping can make your property stand out in a crowded market. The question is, how much landscaping do you really need to do to sell a flip? This guide will delve into the essentials and extras of landscaping that can boost your property’s appeal.

How Much Landscaping Do You Need to Do to Sell a Flip?

This guide explains the following:

  • Assessing the Current Landscape
  • Basic Landscaping Essentials
  • Upgrading the Lawn
  • Adding Flowers and Plants
  • Creating Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Spending Wisely on Landscaping

Here’s a closer look at each.

Assessing the Current Landscape

Before diving into any landscaping project, take a comprehensive look at what’s already there. Identify what needs repair, what can be improved, and what must be replaced. Remember, a well-maintained existing landscape can be just as appealing as a newly created one, so don’t overlook the value of what you already have.

Basic Landscaping Essentials

Clearing clutter, trimming overgrown bushes, and adding fresh mulch can make a big difference. These basics don’t require a large investment but can significantly enhance the property’s appearance. Freshening up the existing landscape gives a clean and cared-for impression that resonates with buyers.

Upgrading the Lawn

A lush, green lawn can be a big selling point. If the lawn is in bad shape, consider reseeding or even laying new sod if the budget allows. Regular mowing and proper watering will keep the lawn looking its best. The effort you put into a healthy lawn will likely pay off with buyer interest.

Adding Flowers and Plants

Strategically adding flowers and plants can add color and life to the property. You don’t need to go overboard; a few well-placed flower beds or potted plants can do the trick. Consider seasonal plants that are easy to maintain, so they’ll look great when potential buyers visit.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

If you want to go a step further, think about creating outdoor living spaces. A small patio with comfortable seating or a fire pit can make the backyard more inviting. This doesn’t have to be extravagant but can be an attractive feature that sets your property apart.

Spending Wisely on Landscaping

It’s crucial to spend wisely on landscaping. Extravagant landscaping might look amazing but may not provide a good return on investment. Focus on what adds value without breaking the bank. Understanding the local market and buyer preferences will guide your decisions here.

FAQ About Landscaping and Your Flipped Property

Check out these commonly asked questions about the landscaping needed to sell a flip. If you don’t see the answers here, please call our office and we’ll get you the information you need.

Q: Do I need a professional landscaper?

A: It depends on the scope of the project. Basic tasks can often be done yourself, but larger projects might benefit from professional help.

Q: How much should I budget for landscaping?

A: Consider the local market and the state of the current landscape. A rule of thumb might be to spend 1% to 2% of the property’s value.

Q: Will a new patio increase the property value?

A: A well-designed and executed patio can increase the appeal of the property, but it’s best to gauge the interest in outdoor living spaces in your local market.

Q: Can I just clean up the existing landscape?

A: Yes, often a thorough clean-up and basic maintenance can make a significant difference without the need for major investments.

Q: What type of plants should I add?

A: Opt for native and low-maintenance plants that will look great without requiring a lot of care from potential buyers.

Your landscaping choices should align with the potential buyers’ expectations and the overall investment strategy for the property. Whether it’s basic clean-up or adding appealing outdoor spaces, the right landscaping efforts can enhance the appeal of your flip. Keep your eye on the return on investment, and you’ll find the right balance that works for your property, ensuring that it doesn’t just sell, but sells well.

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