1 12, 2020

4 Design Features of Vinyl Siding to Consider for Your Flip

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If you’re thinking about replacing the siding on your flip you shouldn’t feel limited by your options. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of sophisticated styles to help you create the look you’re going for without hurting your budget. We’ve summarized some design features for you here, as curated by BobVila.com. Wood Looks There are many options available on the market for vinyl shingle siding that resembles natural wood. These shingles imitate the texture and variance of wood—without all of the wear and tear. They are impervious to insects, they won’t absorb water, and they can withstand strong

18 12, 2018

Don’t Miss Out On Credits/Rebates/Deductions For Your Property Upgrades

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A surprising number of landlords and business owners fail to claim tax credits and rebates for their energy-efficient or property upgrades. Don't let that happen to you! Manufacturers' Rebates For Energy Efficient Products Make sure that, despite all the chaos of house flipping or renting, you claim your manufacturers' rebates for any qualified products. Many energy-efficient products offer energy-efficiency credits. That's cash in your bank account. Don't miss out! Check your receipts, because the rebates are generally written on them if purchased from a big box store. Also, check out this handy webpage to search for rebate offers in your

17 02, 2017

3 Easy DIY Updates to Make Before You Sell an Investment Property in Atlanta

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As a real estate investor, you know how important it is to make high-quality upgrades and improvements without spending a fortune—and sometimes that means doing the work yourself. Some of the best improvements you can make are in kitchens and bathrooms. 3 Easy DIY Updates to Make Before You Sell an Investment Property in Atlanta Little improvements that pack a big punch are what you’re looking for, so check out these three DIY updates that can pay off at the closing table. DIY Update #1: Add a No-Touch Faucet to the Kitchen You can find amazing no-touch faucets between $75

7 02, 2017

A Word on Low-Maintenance Homes

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As a hard money lender in Atlanta, we’ve discussed home improvement plans with hundreds of people – and one common theme seems to be emerging: people really want low-maintenance homes. That’s something worth remembering if you’re flipping houses in Atlanta. Why Do Today’s Buyers Want Low-Maintenance Homes? “Most young homebuyers grew up watching their parents spend weekends with their honey-do lists, or they had chores to do on the weekends," says Lou Cardillo, a NY real estate professional. "Most young buyers are not going to follow in their parents' footsteps. They don't want to do that stuff… They want their

28 11, 2016

Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings

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If your real estate niche is investing in commercial buildings, be sure to check out the federal tax incentives offered for energy efficiency upgrades. Since commercial buildings release the most carbon emissions and are the world’s largest energy consumers, the government is looking for ways to entice building owners and designers into going green. Commercial Building Tax Deduction You may be eligible for a deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot if you reduce your building’s total energy usage by at least 50%. You can qualify for this deduction by replacing your building’s boiler or furnace with a new heating

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