21 09, 2019

3 Things to Avoid in Your Flip’s Kitchen

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When you're flipping a house, you know that the kitchen can make or break the deal - so here are three things you should avoid to make sure you're not sending prospective buyers running. 3 Things to Avoid in Your Flip's Kitchen Give each of these kitchen features a hard pass: Fragile materials Cheap appliances Bad layout Here's a closer look at each. #1. Fragile Materials Are a No-Go There are plenty of durable materials you can install in a kitchen that are just as nice-looking as their more fragile counterparts are - and buyers know it, too. In the

7 02, 2017

A Word on Low-Maintenance Homes

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As a hard money lender in Atlanta, we’ve discussed home improvement plans with hundreds of people – and one common theme seems to be emerging: people really want low-maintenance homes. That’s something worth remembering if you’re flipping houses in Atlanta. Why Do Today’s Buyers Want Low-Maintenance Homes? “Most young homebuyers grew up watching their parents spend weekends with their honey-do lists, or they had chores to do on the weekends," says Lou Cardillo, a NY real estate professional. "Most young buyers are not going to follow in their parents' footsteps. They don't want to do that stuff… They want their

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