4 Design Features of Vinyl Siding to Consider for Your Flip

4 Design Features of Vinyl Siding to Consider for Your Flip

4 Design Features of Vinyl Siding to Consider for Your Flip

If you’re thinking about replacing the siding on your flip you shouldn’t feel limited by your options. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of sophisticated styles to help you create the look you’re going for without hurting your budget. We’ve summarized some design features for you here, as curated by BobVila.com.

Wood Looks

There are many options available on the market for vinyl shingle siding that resembles natural wood. These shingles imitate the texture and variance of wood—without all of the wear and tear. They are impervious to insects, they won’t absorb water, and they can withstand strong winds.

You can also find vinyl products that imitate cedar shakes, as well as log siding. Imagine being able to get the look of real logs without all of the expense and difficulty of installation. You’ll also be able to avoid the issues that come with real wood logs, like rot, insects, rodents, cracking and splitting, and ultraviolet damage.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding has become more energy efficient. Some products can reflect radiant heat and reduce thermal conductivity, which can help keep your flip cool in the heat of the summer. If your property is located near an airport, on a busy street, or is in very close proximity to neighbors with barking dogs, there are vinyl options that can block as much as 45 percent of outdoor noise, according to BobVila.com. Energy efficiency and soundproofing can be features you promote to potential buyers.

Strength and Durability

According to BobVila.com there are vinyl siding products available on the market that are designed to withstand tornado-force winds of up to 240 mph, and are impact resistant—significant features for properties that are located in hurricane-prone parts of the country. Many products can also resist warping, fading, and can conceal scratches.

Specialty Features

Today’s siding options aren’t just linear in style. Many manufacturers offer features like scalloped panels to add visual appeal. This can be ideal if you’re flipping a Victorian-style home, for instance, since such details are trademarks of those structures.

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