2 09, 2022

The Super-Simple Guide to Buying a Fixer-Upper and Flipping It

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If you're thinking about buying a fixer-upper home and flipping it for a profit, this guide contains everything you need to know to get started. It explores how to find the right fixer-upper, how to finance it, and how to make sure you make a profit on the sale. The Super-Simple Guide to Buying a Fixer-Upper and Flipping It This guide covers: Making Your Purchase Financing your fixer-upper Fixing up the home to sell Selling your fixer-upper for a profit Here's a closer look at each. Step #1 to Buying a Fixer-Upper and Flipping It: Making Your Purchase The first

6 01, 2022

Why Use a Hard Money Loan to Buy a Distressed Property?

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If you’re like many people, you know that financing a distressed property can be tough – that is, unless you use a hard money lender. Here’s what you need to know.  Why Use a Hard Money Loan to Buy a Distressed Property? Conventional lenders often can’t approve investors quickly enough to pounce on great deals, and that’s true whether you’re buying a distressed property or any other property. This leads to many investors working with hard money lenders to buy these – and other – properties. But there are other reasons people use hard money to buy distressed properties, too.

6 05, 2020

3 Fundamentals for House Flipping

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If you want to be a successful house flipper you’ve got to practice the right habits and strategies. Here are three key flipping fundamentals that can carry you through any project. Timing Is Everything Be smart about the timing of your flip. To increase your chances for a successful resale it’s best to flip when there is a low inventory of available homes on the market. Any good product tends to sell best when the competition is scarce. Roll With the Punches During a flip you may remove a floorboard or a wall and uncover termite damage to floor joists

28 07, 2019

Are Hard Money Loans a Good Idea for REIs?

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Financing your real estate investment can raise some challenges. You need to be able to obtain funding quickly to take advantage of a great opportunity. Perhaps you do not want your credit score to be a chief deciding factor in being able to do so. This leads to the question of whether hard money loans are a good idea for real estate investors. In short, hard money loans are a smart choice for the real estate investor. There are two chief reasons for this: Time and ease. How Fast is Funding With a Hard Money Loan? The first reason is,

7 11, 2017

Should You Work With Subcontractors?

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If you’re going to fix and flip houses for a living – whether you’ve done one or two or you’re just thinking about getting started, there are plenty of ways to make the process more profitable (and easier, too). One of them is to avoid working with subcontractors and work only with general contractors. While this won’t work in every situation, and it may not be the right choice for you, there’s certainly a case for working only with general contractors. Why Should You Work Only With General Contractors? When you put more variables into a math equation, it becomes

30 10, 2017

Getting Financing Through a Hard Money Lender

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Financing is one of the most important aspects of fixing and flipping houses, but here’s where many people get it wrong: They should be working with a hard money lender, but they’re not. The two biggest myths on financing fix-and-flips is that you have to work through a bank or you have to use your own cash to buy the house. You could end up missing a great deal because you’re not able to pull together the cash in time. Why a Hard Money Lender Might Be Right for Your Transaction Typically, working with a hard money lender is much

27 10, 2017

What is Deal Analysis?

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For most people who are interested in flipping houses – the practice of buying a house in need of some TLC, fixing it up, and selling it – it makes sense to analyze every last dollar involved in the deal. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do that. What is Deal Analysis? Deal analysis is the process by which you determine how much you can pay for a house in order to cover all the expenses of fixing it up and selling it. You want to make sure you can still make a profit after all that’s done – after

28 11, 2016

Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings

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If your real estate niche is investing in commercial buildings, be sure to check out the federal tax incentives offered for energy efficiency upgrades. Since commercial buildings release the most carbon emissions and are the world’s largest energy consumers, the government is looking for ways to entice building owners and designers into going green. Commercial Building Tax Deduction You may be eligible for a deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot if you reduce your building’s total energy usage by at least 50%. You can qualify for this deduction by replacing your building’s boiler or furnace with a new heating

21 11, 2016

Amazing Master Bath Upgrades REIs Can’t Afford to Ignore

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When it comes time to renovate your investment property, you may be wondering where to start. No matter how much remodeling your flip requires, one of the main areas homebuyers will focus on is the master bathroom. If you’re flipping a home, you’re probably looking for ways to save the most money. Make sure your budget allows for upgrades in the master bathroom—this is not an area you want to skimp on. Your best bet would be to save money in other areas of the home, and make the master bath one of the key focal points. Amazing Master Bath

3 11, 2016

Fulton County Tax Foreclosure Sales (and How to Find Them)

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In the state of Georgia, it’s legal for the government to seize property, such as homes and land, for the nonpayment of taxes. According to the Georgia Department of Law, a homeowner’s obligation to pay property taxes is backed by the property itself. If a homeowner fails to pay, the county tax commissioner can sell the home to raise the amount due back in taxes. Often these homes sell for exceptionally low prices—but how does the whole process work? How Does a Property Get Seized? When a homeowner’s property taxes are past due, the tax collector can proceed through a

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