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27 12, 2020
  • 2 Strategic Ways to Help Sell Your Flip

2 Strategic Ways to Help Sell Your Flip

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If the outside of your flip isn’t attractive to potential buyers they may do a rolling stop and keep on rolling. Get them to put the car in park and come to your front door. Here are two smart ways to not only enhance your curb appeal, but boost the beauty and benefits of your backyard. Real grass in the front, faux grass in the back. Business in the front, party in the back. There’s nothing like having a carpet-like, lush green yard out front to wow buyers. The yard, especially the front, is a preview of even greater things

22 04, 2020
  • Red Flag Flips - Signs That You May Need to Skip a Flip (Part 2)

Red Flag Flips: Signs That You May Need to Skip a Flip (Part 2)

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Don’t let the profit potential of a flip cloud your better judgement. A property that appears to be a financial homerun could wind up being a money pit if you’re not careful. Beware of these red flags that may mean you need to skip a flip. A Substantial Price Drop The house you’re currently considering was initially a little overpriced, and for that reason you passed it up. A modest price drop of a few thousand dollars helped renew your interest. No red flags there. But when the price of a property is severely discounted, for instance by the tens

5 12, 2018

How Much Effort Should You Put Into A Bathroom When House Flipping?

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House flipping is all about fixing and reselling a house fast. So, the idea of a complete bathroom remodel is daunting. Should you do it? You may assume that a full bathroom remodel will sell the house faster, but realtors report that it's not usually the case. Assuming the bathroom is functional, what efforts really result in a return on the investment when it comes to bathrooms? Remember, when flipping houses, time is also an important factor! The truth is that relatively inexpensive changes to bathrooms are usually enough to help sell that property and bring a return on your

7 06, 2017
  • do you want your real estate agent to call you a motivated seller

Do You Really Want Your Realtor to Call You a “Motivated Seller”?

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Buyers see all kinds of language in listing descriptions, and some of it can be pretty confusing. However, the term motivated seller isn’t very confusing. It says that the seller really wants to unload this house—but do you really want your Realtor® to call you a motivated seller, or will it hurt your chances of selling the home at the right price? Do You Want Your Realtor to Call You a “Motivated Seller”? When a buyer sees the term motivated seller in a listing description, it could mean that: You’re willing to negotiate on the price You want to negotiate

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