Should You Hire an Inspector if Youre Selling a Fixed up Property

Should You Hire an Inspector if You’re Selling a Fixed-Up Property?

If you are an investor who fixes up properties to sell them, should you hire an inspector before you list a home for sale? This guide explains.

Should You Hire an Inspector if You’re Selling a Fixed-Up Property?

As an investor, you know how important it is to ensure that a property meets your needs before you purchase. It’s the same with standard real estate buyers; they need to make sure there’s nothing majorly wrong with a home before they pull the trigger on a purchase.

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Usually, buyers will send a home inspector to check out a property after they’ve made an offer. The inspector goes through the home looking for issues and documents everything they find.

Generally, it’s unnecessary for the real estate investor to hire a home inspector before listing a home for sale. That’s because as an investor, you’ve likely been there every step of the way as work was being performed. You may have even performed a good amount of the work yourself. If you’re sure that everything is aboveboard and all systems are working properly, you don’t need to hire a home inspector to tell you everything is in top shape.

As a side note, though, if you know something is wrong with one or more of the home’s systems or any other component of the home, you should hire a professional to check things out (and make the necessary corrections) for you.

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