5 Colorful Plants for Fall Curb Appeal

5 Colorful Plants for Fall Curb Appeal

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5 Colorful Plants for Fall Curb Appeal

These blooming beauties promise fall color for your flips.

Mexican Bush Sage

White stems and gray-green leaves support the pinkish-purple flowering spikes of Mexican bush sage. Part of the sage family, it’s a perennial when grown in warm regions of the U.S. and an annual in colder climates where it’s not hardy. This plant will give you the kind of drama that’ll entice buyers—almost as much as the hummingbirds that love it.

Perennial Sunflower

Perennial sunflower, not to be confused with the huge blooms of the annual sunflower, will give you sun even on a dreary fall day. Lemon queen, as it’s also called, yields late-summer and early fall blooms in a jolt of yellow that’ll wake up the eyes. These butter-colored giants can stand up to 8 feet tall in full sun and well-drained soil.

New England Aster

New England aster blooms in bunches of daisy-like flowers and comes in a variety of colors like purple, blue, pink, and white. Butterflies and other pollinators love its blossoms, which flourish in full sun. New England aster can look great in a vase for open house day, too. Just find a color that complements your décor.


Clusters of this perennial’s purplish-pink flowers emerge in August and keep blooming until freezing weather hits. Turtlehead got its name because the buds resemble the shape of…the head of a turtle. Since this flower enjoys damp soil it’s a good candidate for bog gardens, or placement near water gardens.

Anise Hyssop

Anise hyssop showcases lavender-blue, licorice-scented spikes in summer and fall. A relative of the mint family it’s also called hummingbird mint because it’s so appealing to those tiny, hovering birds. This perennial is drought tolerant, which means less work after you get it started and even less maintenance for your future homeowners. Anise hyssop can reach up to 5 feet tall in full sun and soil that’s well drained.

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