1 10, 2020
  • 5 Colorful Plants for Fall Curb Appeal

5 Colorful Plants for Fall Curb Appeal

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These blooming beauties promise fall color for your flips. Mexican Bush Sage White stems and gray-green leaves support the pinkish-purple flowering spikes of Mexican bush sage. Part of the sage family, it’s a perennial when grown in warm regions of the U.S. and an annual in colder climates where it’s not hardy. This plant will give you the kind of drama that’ll entice buyers—almost as much as the hummingbirds that love it. Perennial Sunflower Perennial sunflower, not to be confused with the huge blooms of the annual sunflower, will give you sun even on a dreary fall day. Lemon queen,

1 10, 2019
  • Selling a Flip This Fall - Don't Do This to the Porch

Selling a Flip This Fall? Don’t Do This to the Porch

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If you're listing a house for sale this fall - especially one you've been working on all summer - there are a few mistakes you should avoid in order to sell it quickly and at the right price. Check out this list of three no-gos for selling a house in fall. Selling a Flip This Fall? Don't Do This to the Porch When you're selling your flip in the fall, never: Overdecorate the porch Let leaves and other debris build up in the corners Neglect the windows and front door Let's take a closer look at each of these. #1.

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