Got a Big Kitchen in Your Flip Should You Install Double Islands

Got a Big Kitchen in Your Flip? Should You Install Double Islands?

Published On: November 16th, 2021Last Updated: November 14th, 2021Categories: Flipping, Home Improvements, Home Upgrades, TipsTags: , , , , ,

The kitchen is the heart and hub of a home, so you want the one in your flip to be as functional, welcoming, and stylish as possible. Kitchens with two islands are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Here are three that may make you rethink your kitchen design, and leave you seeing double.

Create Separate Meal Prep and Dining Spaces 

In some kitchens with a traditional or old-world design an island is a large, movable marble-topped table situated in the center of the space. In most modern kitchen designs, however, islands are a marriage between meal prep and bar top dining.

If your flip has the space, you might consider incorporating two islands into your design to establish separate zones for meal prep and dining. For bar top dining think about installing a counter with a large overhang on both sides to double its seating. This can be ideal for large families. Kids can be seated to do homework as they await an after-school snack that’s being prepared on a separate island dedicated for meal prep.

Bar top dining is also great for entertaining. The cook in a family can serve-up hors d’oeuvres and sit out charcuterie to keep dinner guests occupied, while maintaining their much-needed space on a separate island for meal prep as the evening progresses.

Increase Cabinet Storage

A lack of ample cabinet storage in a kitchen can be a deal breaker when selling your flip. A second island not only adds dining space, but it increases storage for things like small appliances, and other items, so homebuyers can maintain spacious, clutter-free counters.

Enhance Style

A second island can be used to enhance the style of your kitchen design. It can be painted in a color that contrasts with the surrounding cabinetry, or topped with a counter material that acts as an accent in the space.