5 Benefits of a Steel Entry Door for Your Flip

5 Benefits of a Steel Entry Door for Your Flip

Entry doors can help convey the personality of your flip and give buyers an idea of what’s to come inside. Whether your door has a traditional panel front with sidelights, or a more contemporary design, it is a key component of curb appeal. 

If the wood front door of your flip needs to be replaced, think about swapping it out for a steel door. Here are five benefits to consider.


A steel door can offer a higher level of security over many wooden doors, and due to a typical construction of 24-gauge steel, its thickness and weight make it very difficult to bend or be kicked in. 

Energy Efficiency

A door of solid steel would be too heavy for residential use, so most steel doors cover a foam or wooden core. Many steel-coated doors are Energy Star certified due to the composition of a high-density polyurethane foam core, which helps prevent the transfer of heat.

Energy efficiency is a major consideration when it comes to exterior doors since it can help save your potential buyer money on monthly energy bills.


Steel doors are more durable than most other materials and resist cracking, warping, and rot. Galvanized steel doors—steel coated in zinc oxide—are resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratching.

Cost Effectiveness

Because steel entry doors can withstand the elements, require very little maintenance, and are energy efficient, they’re an investment that can be very cost-effective for a potential buyer of your flip over the lifetime of the home.


Steel doors can be painted a variety of colors. You can purchase them prefinished with a coat of weather-resistant paint, or white and ready to be custom painted. Imagine a red entry door with a classy gold knocker, or a glossy black door that coordinates with black shutters on your flip, or a bold orange or yellow door to complement a contemporary home design.