2 More Ways to Make Your Roof a Selling Point

2 More Ways to Make Your Roof a Selling Point

Published On: June 22nd, 2021Last Updated: June 22nd, 2021Categories: Curb Appeal, Home Improvements, Home Upgrades, How To, TipsTags: , ,

Random homebuyer: “The house was beautiful, but I really fell in love with the shingles!” 

While you may never hear that sentence uttered by a homebuyer, the condition of a home’s roof is still a key consideration in a sale, and it can make or break a deal. Consider these two ways to help make the roof of your flip a selling point, according to HomeLight.

Advertise your new roof.

Even though it’s currently a seller’s market, your flip is still competing with other homes in your area. Anything you can do to make your property stand apart from the competition can help move you closer to a sale. Advertising your newly-installed roof can do just that.

Potential buyers will appreciate that they won’t have to spend thousands of dollars down the road to perform major maintenance on the roof, or need to install a new one altogether. Your agent can ensure that house hunters know about your new roof and all of the benefits and potential savings it can provide. 

Offer to transfer the roof warranty to potential buyers.

You’ve installed a new roof, but you can sweeten the deal for buyers by offering to transfer the roof warranty to them. Without the transfer, if the new owners needed to make repairs down the road they would have to come out of pocket. Such an expense can be easily avoided with a warranty transfer.

A majority of roofing companies offer transferable warranties for a few hundred dollars. As a house flipper it’s wise to inquire about this transfer, since it can only benefit you and a potential buyer. Having several years of warranty on a roof could be what seals the deal, so you can move on to the next.