11 09, 2020

Texas Flipper Discovers 40K Gallon Pool Beneath Backyard Junk at Hoarder House

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When 35-year-old house flipper John Reynolds purchased a dilapidated property just weeks before it was slated for demolition he had no idea that the end result would be enough to make his head swim. The 1950s home had been owned by a hoarder for 20 years, and it sat vacant for more than a year after the homeowner had passed away. Reynolds purchased the property from the local county authority for $20,000. While his primary focus was on the inside of the home he noted that something was off about the backyard, aside from the fact that it was wildly

27 04, 2020

Couple Uncovers Hidden House Feature During Renovation

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Home renovations uncover lots of things—some good, some bad. As a house flipper you know this firsthand. So when a Wisconsin couple unearthed a hot tub hidden beneath their home office they knew there was a chance they could end up in hot water—in a good way. The presence of the hot tub did not come as a surprise to homeowners Mark and Jenny Ronsman. The home’s previous owner had given them a heads-up. “The elderly woman who sold us the house said they got older and stopped using it,” Mark said, according to Yahoo News. “So they converted it

4 10, 2019

How to Clean Grime From Window Tracks

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When you're flipping a house, little details matter almost as much as the big ones do - and that includes things you think people will never look at, like window tracks. But how do you get years of dirt and grime out of them so they sparkle like new? Here's the trick. How to Clean Grime From Window Tracks You don't need any special equipment to clean grime from window tracks, even if it's been building up for years. Here's what you need: Disposable cleaning cloths or paper towels Putty knife or butter knife Spray bottle Toothbrush Vacuum with a

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