Texas Flipper Discovers 40k Gallon Pool Beneath Backyard Junk at Hoarder House

Texas Flipper Discovers 40K Gallon Pool Beneath Backyard Junk at Hoarder House

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Texas Flipper Discovers 40k Gallon Pool Beneath Backyard Junk at Hoarder House

When 35-year-old house flipper John Reynolds purchased a dilapidated property just weeks before it was slated for demolition he had no idea that the end result would be enough to make his head swim.

The 1950s home had been owned by a hoarder for 20 years, and it sat vacant for more than a year after the homeowner had passed away. Reynolds purchased the property from the local county authority for $20,000. While his primary focus was on the inside of the home he noted that something was off about the backyard, aside from the fact that it was wildly overgrown and filled with all sorts of junk.

“I did notice that it was always boggy despite the fact [that] we hadn’t had any rainfall for weeks,” he said, according to The U.S. Sun.

When a heavy rainstorm descended on the area the deluge had shifted debris in the backyard and revealed a glimpse of the property’s hidden jewel—a 40,000 gallon, 32×17-foot pool. “When I went out you could just see the waterline tile and the water was standing right up next to it. I was in shock.”

The pool had been filled to the brim with old furniture and classic car parts, among other discarded items. Reynolds spent $10,000 to fix leaks, clean, repaint, and refill the pool, The U.S. Sun reported.

The Texan had planned to sell the renovated residence, but after restoring the mid-century home he decided to hold on to it—despite its current appraised value of $220K and the potential profit. Reynolds is smitten with the property, although a cardinal rule of flipping is to not become too attached.

“It feels like I have stumbled across a winning lottery ticket. It has yielded so many surprises I don’t know if I can let it go.”

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