Tips on How to Care for Your New Sod Lawn

Tips on How to Care for Your New Sod Lawn

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Tips on How to Care for Your New Sod Lawn

When it comes to cultivating the lawn of your flip you can use grass seed, which is a long-term approach to a green lawn, or you can lay sod for instant lush. Sod doesn’t come cheap, so you want to make sure your investment lasts. Follow these tips to properly nurture your sod and impress potential buyers with a green landscape.


In order for your new sod lawn to develop strong roots it will require a good amount of attention. It needs to be watered every day, twice a day—for about 20 minutes each time—for at least the first two months (up to 14 weeks) after it’s installed. Do make adjustments for rainfall. The best times of day to water are in the morning and late afternoon. Avoid watering in the evenings, since allowing your grass to remain damp overnight can attract pests, and cause disease or fungus.

Have You Watered Enough?

If you notice gaps forming between your rows of sod, or if the sod is curling up at the corners, it’s a sign of shrinkage and that your sod is not getting enough water. Early indicators that your lawn is drying out are beige portions of your grass, and areas that don’t spring back after being stepped on.

Have You Watered Too Much?

As much as sod needs water during its infancy, it is possible to overwater it. If your footsteps cause water to surface in areas where you step, or if you’re seeing puddles in your yard, you should stop watering and give the lawn time to dry out. Overwatering can cause your grass to rot, and stop root growth.

Walking on Your New Sod

Avoid frequently walking on your lawn for the first two weeks after it’s installed, or until after you mow it for the first time, to reduce stress and soil compaction and to allow its roots to become established.