Selling a Flip This Fall Dont Do This to the Porch

Selling a Flip This Fall? Don’t Do This to the Porch

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If you’re listing a house for sale this fall – especially one you’ve been working on all summer – there are a few mistakes you should avoid in order to sell it quickly and at the right price. Check out this list of three no-gos for selling a house in fall.

Selling a Flip This Fall? Don’t Do This to the Porch

When you’re selling your flip in the fall, never:

  • Overdecorate the porch
  • Let leaves and other debris build up in the corners
  • Neglect the windows and front door

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

#1. Don’t Overdecorate the Porch

It’s fall, and it’s extremely tempting to decorate the house you want to sell so it matches the rest of the neighborhood. That way, it doesn’t look so vacant or lonely – and typically, that’s a good idea. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it with Halloween or fall-themed decor, which can drive away buyers. Keep things simple with a wreath, a fall-themed doormat and maybe a pumpkin (but only if you commit to taking it down shortly after Halloween).

#2. Don’t Let Leaves and Debris Build Up

If you’re not there every day when your flip is on the market, it’s tough to keep up on curb appeal – but during fall, when many people drive by houses they’re interested in, it’s incredibly important that the front porch is neat and clean. Sometimes people won’t even call for a tour if the porch isn’t welcoming and inviting, so keep that in mind when the leaves start falling.

#3. Don’t Neglect the Windows and Front Door

Keeping the windows clean and the front door well-oiled is essential – nobody wants to peer through spotted windows or hear the door creak when their real estate agent lets them in for the first time. Take the time to wash the windows, inside and out, to make sure they sparkle – and oil the door hinges so your prospective buyers don’t feel like they’re walking into a haunted house.

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